The Savvy Student’s Guide To Preparing For University Life

Getting ready for university is an exciting time in anyone’s life. It offers endless possibilities for new friendships, relationships, and social scenes. But the main reason we go to uni is for studying towards a degree course. And it’s those degree courses that will make a massive impact in our future careers.

As you are reading this, you will doubtless know little about preparing for university. That’s why I have created this handy guide for you to follow. Keep reading to learn more about what you need to do before you start your new life at uni.

The Savvy Student's Guide To Preparing For University Life

Decide what to take with you

By this point, you will have doubtless arranged where you are going to stay when you go to university. Some folks might reside within the uni’s halls of residence. While others may share a rented house somewhere close to their campus.

Regardless of where you will be staying, it’s important to think about what items you want to take with you. Obviously you will need to bring your clothing with you. But there will also be a need for other essential items.

For example, you will need to take your laptop computer, smartphone and chargers for your gadgets. You may also want to bring some books with you that you either read in your spare time or use towards your studying.

The Savvy Student's Guide To Preparing For University Life

Other essentials will include bedding, bedside lights and storage for your belongings. The stuff you will need will depend on what’s included with your accommodation. Some people find they even have to buy kitchen appliances like toasters!

Open up a Student Bank Account

Another essential task to complete before you head off to university is to open up a bank account. You can open a “student” bank account that offers a plethora of features. Examples include retail discounts and fee-free overdrafts.

You need a bank account to receive money for any part-time work you do. And also to receive the proceeds of your student loans. There are plenty of bank accounts to choose from. Just make sure you opt for one that offers the most benefits for your needs.

Learn to Drive

You should consider learning to drive before you start uni. Not only does it offer you extra transport choices. But it’s essential if your university is several hundred miles away from home. Before you can get your driver’s license, you will need to pass some theory and practical tests.

Some people learn to drive when they start university. The good news is that there are plenty of theory test centres around the country, so you’ll find one near to your lodgings. The same goes for practical test locations too.

Once you’ve got your driver’s license, you can then buy a car and get mobile!

Now that you’re ready for university, it’s time to start organizing what you need to do before you begin your studies. By following this practical guide, you will give yourself the best start at your new university.