4 Things No Graphic Designer Should Be Without

As a designer, you are considered a creative genius pampered with numerous devices and gadgets, which can help you, carve out the imaginations and also the feelings of client and organizations. There are many different tools that graphic designers work with, the number one on the list being a high configuration laptop usually a MAC, a great list of software and applications all bought on their premium versions to allow multiple functionality and usually a big coffee machine to keep the mind going. Graphic Designers are like the princesses of a company, who are assured of nothing short of anything unless and until there is a severe emergency. This is why you will see that creative people like graphic designers often are the ones throwing the most tantrums if things do not go as planned.

To their credit, creative and graphic designing is pretty much a thankless and never-ending job. There is hardly an instance where these people do not have to make a countless number of revisions compromise so much on their own thought process and work day in and day out, for someone else to take all the credit. They are usually the people behind the scenes getting the least recognition possible. Today, however, our post is not about the thanklessness of their jobs, but something that can offer graphic designers even more freedom to work and liberty to create something even better. Our following sections of the article will talk about four things no graphic designer should be working without.

4 Things No Graphic Designer Should Be Without

A Wacom Tablet

As an experienced graphic designer you would be knowing tons of different options in the form of drawing tablets. However, how many of you know what the experts and gurus of this field use? Well, here is the answer to that. Most of the top graphic designers are found to be using Wacom tablet. This tablet is like an oxygen mask under the water for them, they go nowhere without these and most of their crafting work comes from this. The reason, why this tablet is so useful is that it gives you the feeling of working with a mouse, if you are traditionally used to it and secondly the transition from paper to board and then the screen is seamless by working on this tablet. Its fast control and silky speed, will make you want to work on it all the time.

A Sketchbook Copy

This might sound traditional and clichéd, but if you need a break from all the computing and tablets, then sketchbook copy is a great addition to your arsenal of things. Good graphic designers use their sketchbooks to refresh and refuel their minds as well as draw something besides their work. Sketchbooks are also a great cover up in a meeting if you want to take quick notes.

Post-it Notes and Sticky Notes

Graphic designers have multiple tasks, projects and deadlines and there is no better way to use sticky or post-it notes for small reminders. These can also be stuck onto your laptop and tablets, used to pass on quick messages to people and note important things.


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