Tips to Clean PVC Doors and Windows

Though the grained foiled finishing are accessible on the interiors too, but consumers prefer to go with PVC interiors as they are comfier to clean and add cleaner feel to the house. The foils come in several finishes like Mahogany, Oak and Rosewood and in customized colors too which are new to the lot. Colors range from rustic cherry to shades of blues, red and grey. Depending on the type of finish the consumer orders, there are different ways on how one should treat the frames while cleaning. However, the maintenance of the functioning parts remains the same, regardless of what PVC products you’ve chosen.

Clean PVC Doors and Windows

Efficient PVC suppliers offer long lasting and beautiful designs. You can purchase it online. is your one-stop solution to purchase top notch PVC doors and windows from the comfort of your home. High on quality and good consumer service, it is a reliable place to shop from. In general, the age of the doors and windows sometimes affects the aesthetics too as consumers enjoy PVC fittings up to 18 years. You can keep a check on the working parts such as locking systems and handles every 4 to 6 months to avoid higher complications.

General cleaning

Open the window first and you’ll find a channel where the locking system and hinges sit. Make use of a small brush slacken the dirt and then with the help of a vacuum cleaner suck it out. A general idea to clean PVC windows is to use soapy water and non abrasive cloth. Wash the window with soapy water externally and internally. Wipe down the frame and then dry it with a cloth. Give the rubbers a hygiene by cleaning the inside of the channel. For tiny speckles on the glass, you can use a knife blade flatly to get rid of the scars without any scratch.

Sprays, cleaners and solvent

Relying on the type of color and age of your PVC door and window, one needs to choose his cleaner. The amount of dirt also adds to the selection as to what cleaning component should be used. For white PVC, general cleaning is more than enough.

Older doors and windows

Go for a cream cleaner which is non-abrasive, if your door and windows are ageing. Do not use it on the glass and always bluff of the extra with a roll piece. This adds a great finish to your window. You should also purchase a PVC solvent cleaner from PVC outlet. It is used to add a finishing touch to the frame of the window. Do not wipe out any silicone. Use limited quantity of solvent on silicon.

The smart use of spray oils on customized shades and wood grain is all which is needed. It adds a perfect finish to your window and protects it from the harsh elements. It further prevents bird markings and dust from sticking to the PVC windows and doors. But, you should only make use of this technique on foiled finishing. Keep in mind not to spray on the glass.