Professions In Child Care Management On The Rise

By the year 2022, the U.S. Bureau of Labor predicts that employment opportunities in child care will rise by 14%. While a person with a high school diploma is eligible for some child care employment opportunities, they will not qualify for higher-paying and managerial positions in this sector without a higher education degree. Because child care employment is on the rise as increasing numbers of parents must work outside the home, many people are choosing this industry to obtain work.

Addressing the Need

Families are turning to outside child care for a number of reasons. The driving reason why many parents send their children to outside daycare and preschool facilities is because they have to. Many parents must work to make ends meet and they require child care facilities to take of their children while they’re on the job. Many parents also send their children to preschool facilities to support their early educational needs as well as to encourage socialization. Child care workers are needed to provide quality care for children throughout the country. Many education facilities have responded by creating programs to educate early childhood care workers so they can better serve children and also obtain high-paying jobs in the field.

Professions In Child Care Management On The Rise

Child Care Management Programs

Higher education institutions throughout the country are promoting child care management programs designed to prepare students to lead successful careers in child care centers or education settings that cater to young children. You can obtain your degree in child care management in Jackson MS or Phoenix AZ simply by registering and fulfilling course requirements. A bachelor’s degree can successfully prepare students for managerial roles in early child care. However, a Master’s Degree may qualify you to manage larger facilities at increase pay rates.

The Need for Managers in Child Care

While child care employment is due to rise by 14%, child care management employment opportunities are expected to increase by 17%, according to There is a growing need for educated child care managers to run facilities and manage other child care staff. Cities offer the greatest career opportunities for child care managers; however, the need exists in regions throughout the country for quality child care.

Preparing for a Career in Child Care Management

If you have already worked in some capacity at a child care center, you may be well aware of the great responsibility associated with managing a child care center. Entering an accredited degree program in education can provide you with the academic tools you need to enjoy this type of position. Expect that you will be dealing with young children on a daily basis as well as other professional child care workers, non-professional workers, and parents. By understanding all the nuances of child care management, you can decide if this career is ideal for you.

Naturally, you need to enjoy working with children to have a successful career as a child care manager. Once you complete your degree, you can begin your career search. Fortunately, you are apt to find an increasing number of employment opportunities.