5 Ways You Are A Better Student Following A Gap Year

Many students have begun to opt for a gap year between high school and college. This can be a great time to gather your bearings and take a break before diving into college life full boar. Unfortunately, and inaccurately, some students believe this break from their normal routine of school can actually be detrimental to their scholarly habits and test scores. Included here are a few of the reasons you can become a better college student by taking a gap year first.

Collected Thoughts

You may be feeling acute relief at having finally completed high school, but facing the daunting task of choosing a major may completely overwhelm you. Taking a gap year after high school can give you time to collect your thoughts and prioritize before diving into a new school of study. You can also learn many life skills and get exposure that can help you decide what major to pursue.

5 Ways You Are A Better Student Following A Gap Year

Higher GPA

This can come as a shocker to many students. You may believe taking a break from classes could cause your scholarly ability to plummet. Surprisingly, students who enter college for the first time following a gap year have higher GPAs than their non-gap year freshman counterparts. It is believed that taking the time to refocus and renew passion for their schooling allows gap year students to approach college with greater vigor and intensity.

Greater Maturity

It is hard for studies to show whether students with greater maturity are the ones who choose to take gap years originally, or if their maturity is the product of the gap year. At any rate, those students who took gap years were recognized by their professors for having greater maturity when they returned to school. The work performed by gap year students, even menial labor, allows them to learn greater responsibility and maturity.

More Passion

Students who take gap years are more likely have greater interest in the common good of humanity following a gap year. You will be better able to choose a major that can provide a fulfilling life as well as monetary gain while suiting your interests. The effect of having witnessed the bigger picture in other countries allows you to come to a greater understanding of yourself and purpose.

Better College Admission

While this is perhaps the poorest reason for a gap year it is the reason some students pursue the time off. Some students believe the gap from high school allows them a better shot at getting into their preferred school. Unless you are taking specific classes while on your gap year, it is unlikely you will change your odds for admission greatly. However, a gap year spent doing community service and investing in the greater good can be very helpful on a resume.