Benefits Of Attending A Private High School

Once your child has graduated from middle school, it is time to consider where you are going to send him for high school. For many parents, the decision will lead them to the local public school, while for other parents, the choice becomes attendance at one of the local private high schools. Parents looking to enroll their child in a private high school, such as Mounds Park Academy, understand that doing so provides a certain number of advantages.  If you would like to know more about the benefits of sending your child to one of the private high schools in St. Paul, MN, please continue reading.

Small Class Size

One of the benefits of having your child attend a private high school is that the class sizes are generally small. As a result, your child is more likely to receive individualized attention. One of the benefits of receiving one-on-one attention is that problematic issues are picked up quickly. If your child is struggling in a particular subject, the teacher will be able to address the situation swiftly before it gets out of hand. In fact, several studies have shown that students in smaller classes generally score better on standardized tests than students in larger classes.

Benefits Of Attending A Private High School

Higher College Attendance Rates

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 64% of students graduating from a private school went on to attend a 4-year college, whereas only 40% of public school graduates chose to attend one. If your child attends one of the private high schools in your area, he is more likely to go on to further his education than if he attended a traditional public school.

Exceptional Teachers

Private high school teachers are chosen carefully in order to meet the needs and goals of the educational institution. Quite often, teachers who are hired have a post-graduate degree and specialize in a particular subject, giving them a stronger academic background than teachers who simply have a bachelor’s degree.

Classroom Discipline

Classroom behavior is usually respectful at a private school, primarily because a strict set of guidelines are used to maintain order. The students and teachers know what is expected and behave accordingly.

Academic Excellence

Private high schools have a strong reputation regarding their expectations for academic excellence. The staff sets high standards for the students, guiding them in their quest for success. As a result, the students are prepared for the rigors of college studies, enabling them to perform well in many subject areas.

Advanced Placement Classes

Most private high schools provide a wide selection of advanced placement classes for their students in an effort to meet the needs of the academically gifted, while also preparing students for entrance into college. Since class size is already small, the requirements for offering an advanced class are usually based upon the availability of the teacher who will be teaching it.

Graduation Requirements

Since private schools are not bound solely by the state’s expectations for the requirements that must be met in order for a student to graduate, the steps that must be taken are often more involved than those required in traditional public schools.