Obama Remarks On Keeping Black As Slave In Our Blood

Barak Obama is the current and may be one of the strongest and powerful American presidents amongst all. He was elected as the president continues two times.  He is also considered as the most commanding person as well as strict president of the world. He is the first president who is black and also came from an African background. So, he is one of the most desiring and presentable icons for every black and white nation also. He achieved his pride by his own hard working and dignity. He proved that his skin colour is not an effective fact all. An only skill is real.

  In a very early age, the black were only deemed as slaves. They were also treated very brutally even like a beast.  There was no payment system was available for their too much labour. Even sometimes they also had to suffer from proper amount of food or water. They used to be kidnapped from any African country and sold out in any white nation as a slave with the least amount of money. The person, who used to purchase them, would regard as the owner of them. They can do anything as their wish with their slaves. Even most often the women slaves failed to lose their virginity by their owner. This story was covered extensively by  cnn free stream.

Obama Remarks On Keeping Black As Slave In Our Blood

As Obama was also come from a black background, he knows the unlimited sufferings of the black people. Even in his childhood, he also had to face much harassment only because of being a black.  But this condition made him too much strong to keep his self respect at the highest point. Even it also had been hard that when he was very young, he mentioned in his school’s essay that he wanted to be the president of America one day. And he made his childish fulfilled not only for the one time, but also 2nd time too.

So, as Obama is one of the icons of the black, he knows all the undergoing situation of the black. He also didn’t overlook the black slave’s condition. That’s why he proposed to make a low of paying the black slaves.He gave a statement recently keeping black people slave is in our DNA shared by fox news   He wanted to give the proper right of the black that any human should get.  hIf his proposal comes too, then the slaves also can become independent one day of their own. Even by getting money, they can improve their financial condition and left the job of becoming slaves.

However, with the current condition of times, the social and mental conditions for the slaves have also developed. This slavery also becomes very rare now a day. So, if Barak Obama’s dream can comes true, then not only the situation of the slaves will increase in a progressive rate, but it can effect on the whole world too. It is hoped that the slavery method will be terminated from the world at any time, and the world will get a very better look than earlier. It will also help to establish the equal human rights in all over the world.