Some Useful Tips For PowerPoint Presentation For Your First Job Interview

When you are going for your first job interview you get an opportunity to impress your employers by presenting a portfolio of your academic achievements. If you do a PowerPoint presentation it would definitely serve as an e portfolio or a moving document to which you would be able to incorporate audio, video and other kinds of media. This kind of portfolio is ideal for videographers, artists and those who are involved in visual work that needs to be shared. PowerPoint presentation using effective PowerPoint templatesneed to be long enough for showcasing a substantial amount of your achievements and they require being short enough to retain audience’s attention and keep them engaged.

If you are serious about the interview process, it is best to prepare a PowerPoint presentation well in advance. In case you have not been asked for a PowerPoint presentation for your job interview, this is your best opportunity to surprise and impress your employers by coming up with a fantastic presentation prepared especially for the interview session. This way you would be demonstrating your presentation skills. This would be treated as a merit in most of the modern jobs.

How to Go about with the Presentation

The first step toward an effective presentation is to identify the correct employment PPT templates or job interview PPT templates and then you could focus your attention on the content of the presentation. Depending on your requirements you could concentrate on an unreal presentation-content.

Alternatively, you could go about preparing the content according to the information provided by the employer. In the first few slides, you need to define your overall career objectives. Your presentation thus gets a global objective. This proves fruitful in explaining your presentation objectives and goals in advance.

Make sure to incorporate some interesting charts and pictures. You could bullet lists sensibly. They may be used for explaining the reasons why you seem to be the right candidate for that particular job, what are your skills, expectations, your background and the like. The most important thing to keep in mind is that there should be balance between the content and the number of photos in your PowerPoint slides.

Some Useful Tips For PowerPoint Presentation For Your First Job Interview

Start with a Short and Crisp Introduction

The introduction or the first slide of your presentation makes a major difference. It is going to create an impression about you in the minds of your employers. As such you must focus all your efforts at making your intro page really interesting with a hint of information regarding who you are and what are your achievements.

Ideally the very first slide should have your name and your contact information preferable a phone number or an email address. You may incorporate a nice professional pic of yours, your professional occupation or job title. Remember to present the information in an attractive manner.

You may consider using PowerPoint’s motion tools to arrange the pictures in order. You could use some soothing music in the background. Intro page should be short and precise. More detailed information for the employer should be provided in the slides to follow.

Use a Vision Statement

Using a vision statement is the best way of presenting your top ideas to the potential employers. The slide should incorporate your career goals, your dreams of making fruitful contribution to the world around you, how you can do justice to this job and then you may incorporate your vision statement by writing a couple of lines about it. Your presentation could be jazzed up by recording your statement and incorporating it in the slide.

Accolades and Achievements

As this is your first job interview you have no work samples to present. So you get to show all your academic achievements and accolades. You could also, include information regarding the various internships focusing on a superb example of your work. Make this slide attractive by using effective and relevant graphics, be it a video, a photo, a drawing or whatever that successfully demonstrates and highlights your achievements.

Testimonials Are Important

You could incorporate testimonial slides. You could use recommendations of your teachers, professors, clients and colleagues who were involved while you were on internship at various firms. Ask those who had interacted with you during your internship periods, to say something about your work and how it was a great experience for them to be working with you. Include their responses in the slides, use photos of the work you have done, use company logos of the organizations where you had done your internships.

Author Bio: Danny Crimson is a career counselor who has helped several candidates land the jobs they wished for. He is also a geek who spends most of his spare time gaming, designing logos, posters and PowerPoint templates, and reading tech blogs.