10 Twitter Mistakes That Can Cost You Your Job

Twitter is a social media platform where the users express their opinion about anything under the sun. If people approve of the post, they follow it back or share it for others to view. While Twitter can promote you, it can also be responsible for getting you fired. There have been multiple incidents recently that have cost the employees their jobs all because of one wrong tweet. Why regret for the rest of the life when you can stay alert before messing up your entire career?

10 Twitter Mistakes That Can Cost You Your Job

It is all in your hands to either build up or destroy your career. Start with making sure that you stay away from the following mistakes while using Twitter:

  1. Getting Personal With Co-Workers On Twitter

Keep all your personal matters off Twitter. If you and your colleague do not agree on something, then discuss the matter in private instead of trashing one another on a public channel. It can be harmful for both you and your colleague.

  1. Creating Fake Profiles

Many employees keep a backup account under a different pen name. They either use it personally or for keeping a check on others. In either case, avoid such accounts and inform your authorities if you do have one so that you do not get in trouble later.

  1. Making Racist Comments

In an organization where there are lots of employees from different backgrounds, avoid tweeting racist comments. Your comments can hurt the integrity of your colleague and eventually get you fired for your statements.

  1. Using Negative Language

If you swear in your Tweets or use negative language, you might risk your job. Many employers have found themselves in deep waters over such comments. Make sure that you avoid using negative or slang language on your Twitter account if you do not want to explain your intentions later.

  1. Posting Too Much Information

Too much information can also be quite negative. According to a survey, 7% of the employees get fired due to the information which they post on social media channels. If you are on Twitter, keep your account professional.

  1. Tweeting About Your Boredom

If you are a full-time employee and you post about getting bored providing dissertation writing help at the workplace, you can put your chances of promotion down the drain. Tweeting about boredom only shows your lack of interest; take on new challenges and projects instead.

  1. Posting Tasteless Remarks

Your post mistakes do not have to be work related. Your employers keep your record in check. If you post tasteless remarks about specific politics or issues, you will leave a negative impression.

  1. Whining About Your Job

You might be having a bad day at work but it does not give you an excuse to go ahead and post on Twitter about it. If you make such comments about how hard your work life is, you are indirectly insulting your workplace.

  1. Lying About Your Day Off

If you have called in sick for work, do not go tagging yourself or friends on Twitter that you are enjoying a cup of coffee somewhere else. If you lie about your day, your employer will instantly know and demand an explanation.

  1. Posting About Your Employer

This mistake a big no-no! When you make a post about your employer, make sure that it is not derogatory. Your colleagues are also present on Twitter and anyone can rat you out.

Twitter is a great platform for expressing your voice, but make sure you post tweets that are sensible and not aimed at anyone who can cost you your job.