5 Finance Careers That Do Not Involve Being A Teller

Career choices are really difficult to make sometimes. Nowadays, it seems, if you are not an engineer, then you are doctor or a lawyer. These are very lucrative career options, but then there are others which are even better and less crowded. The world of business practice and finance is very profitable as well. Bankers make really good money; that much is a known fact. However, there are many other careers in finance other than banking. They give you money and a number of them are significantly interesting. Therefore, if you are considering a career in banking and finance, here are some options that you might find very interesting.

  1. On-line lending

Who said that you have to work for some bank? There are people who have started their own lending firms and they are doing really good business. The best thing about it is that the internet has made things even easier for the individuals. On-line lenders such as Local Lenders Business Funding work to make sure that individuals are able to access funds to start their businesses.

5 Finance Careers That Do Not Involve Being A Teller

There are other lenders who deal mainly with the purchase of assets. Someone wants money to buy a home; it is your business to help them access those funds. These local lending companies operate on crowdsourcing principles. They source for funds from a crowd of individuals and then proceed to give the money to others. This is so that when you need a cash advance, you will be able to get it from them. This is a good finance career option.

  1. Investment banking

Are you skilled in making smart investment decisions? Do you have the experience in this business? Investment banking is all about taking other people’s money and investing it into viable projects so that they can make even more money from that which they already have.

  1. Money management and hedge funds

People do not know how to manage money, and if you can do it for them, most will not mind at all. Working with a money management firm is very interesting because you get to advice people on projects that they can undertake and those that they should hold before they start. It is similar to investment banking to some extent because you will be managing the individual’s investments as well. Hedge funds are basically money management firms, but they bring in bigger returns and the risks taken are bigger as well.

  1. Real estate

Real estate development earns a lot of money all over the world. People want homes to live in and you will be dealing with the planning and funding of the project. Some of the top entrepreneurs in the world have made money through the real estate industry.

  1. Tax consultant

Did you know that few people know how to calculate their taxes? As such, you will find many people paying more than they ought to because they have no idea how to go about the calculations. As a tax consultant and analyst, you will be helping corporations and individuals determine exactly what they should pay as taxes.