How To Dress For Graduation: Tips & Tricks

The biggest day in your life as a young adult is about to take place. Yep, we are talking about graduation. After studying day and night to pass the four long, hard years of high school or college, you are finally ready to begin a new chapter in your life as an official adult. Believe me, the moment will be heart-warming and heart-breaking at the same time, and you will love every second of it. Now that homework and exams are all out of your hair, you can focus on getting ready for the important day. The most worrying part of the process is finding out what to wear and how to accessorize it. You are probably going to have a room with clothes and jewels sprawled around everywhere by the end of it, but you can avoid this situation by looking into some well-researched advice. Dress to impress and take these styling tips and tricks into consideration for your graduation day!

How To Dress For Graduation

Dress Dilemma

We know, we know, your dress probably won’t even be showing all that much with your graduation robe draped over, but it is still a centerpiece for your outfit. We recommend that you go for a comfortable, yet classy dress either in the color of your graduation robe or in a color that contrasts with it. Make sure that it is not too short (remember to be decent and tasteful), but not too long either so you won’t be tripping over it when walking up to receive your diploma. A slim or loose-fitting knee length dress is more than appropriate.

Shoe Stress

If you haven’t worn heels at all in the past four years, we have one big piece of advice for you: do not wear them on your graduation day. Whether you are tall and are not used to wearing pumps or you just feel better in comfortable shoes, you should consider wearing a pair of chic flats so you can walk easily. On the other hand, if heels are your thing, go for it! If you indeed choose to wear heels, just make sure that they aren’t too high.

The Icing on the Cake: Accessories

As graduation is a pretty huge deal, you are probably (or at least hopefully) not going to wear cheap accessories that you would on any other occasion. A day like this asks for special jewelry, such as pearls. We really recommend pearls over other types of fancy jewelry, such as diamonds or emeralds, as they truly are more elegant and accessible at the same time. If you are wondering about the price of a pearl necklace, you should know that they vary, according to the type of pearl and its qualities. You don’t need to be afraid, though, you can find freshwater pearls at extremely decent prices, even under $50. Easily choose a white, pink or lavender freshwater pearl set to compliment your dark colored graduation robe. You are bound to steal the show with style!