It’s Never Too Late: Why An Associate’s Degree Might Make Sense

The business world is changing rapidly as technology and global outreach influence everything from the way products are manufactured to the way they are sold. Almost every company with a service or product has an online website and a mobile counterpart. To continue being a valuable employee and advance in your job, you need to keep your education current. Remember, it’s never to late to get a degree.

It's Never Too Late: Why An Associate's Degree Might Make Sense

Associate’s Degree

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, “849,000 associate’s degrees were awarded during the 2009-2010 academic year, a 50.4 percent increase from 10 years earlier.” Community colleges offer a two-year associate degree in programs that train people in career-oriented fields, and that resonates with potential students. Health-related fields have experienced a 105 percent jump in associate degree graduates, and it comes at a time when the need for additional nurses and medical technicians is growing at a fast pace.

Unprepared For Employment

According to Skyline College in San Bruno CA, many college graduates with bachelor degrees in liberal arts, sociology, and philosophy find minimum wage jobs are all that is available to them. Lack of work is sending many grads back to school at a community college for a degree that has appeal in the job market. Career opportunities in the IT field, healthcare, and energy industry are at an all-time high, and the salaries are great

Age Is Not An Issue

Statistics show previous college graduates, aged 50 and over, are enrolling in community colleges in record numbers. As technology brings change to every industry, even management needs to address lack of training in many areas. A community college offers great flexibility in their class schedules to allow for students who have full time jobs. Evening classes are readily available in many programs.

Benefits Of A Two-Year Associate Degree

The fact is that people with associate degrees earn more money than those with high school diplomas. They also make more money than people who went to college, but chose not to finish. When you have an associate’s degree you are career trained and ready to enter your chosen field. This makes you more valuable than a person with a degree in philosophy.

Don’t hesitate to go back to school to get an associate’s degree in your present field or in a new area where you can earn more money and have job security.