Finding Teachers Around The World For Positions In London

With teacher shortages throughout the United Kingdom, many classrooms are overcrowded, which makes for a difficult learning environment. There are many reasons for the shortages, according to experts, but almost everyone agrees that shortages are reaching crisis levels. Fortunately, there are agencies that are helping to find teachers by recruiting them from other countries around the world.

Finding Teachers Around The World For Positions In London

Which Subjects Need Teachers?

While there is an overall shortage of qualified teachers, the subjects that seem to least successful in finding instructors are maths and modern languages. The shortage of teachers in maths is especially problematic because it is a subject that everyone needs to learn no matter what his or her future occupation will be. Many of the agencies recruiting teachers try to emphasise subjects that have the fewest available instructors and many of them are recruiting specifically for London and other areas of England, since teacher shortages are worse there.

Where Are Teachers Being Recruited?

Although more people may be training to become teachers in the UK, there is a great need to have experienced teachers in the classroom. Many agencies are looking to hire from abroad. They are recruiting in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, because those countries have similar educational systems to that of the UK. With that experience, the qualified teachers that are hired can step into a London classroom and begin teaching right away.

These agencies usually recruit all types of teachers for UK schools, including primary, secondary, and special needs teachers. They also recruit support staff for schools in need of people to help assist teachers, give examinations, or even work in the offices of schools in the UK. Foreign teachers who are recruited and pass the hiring process are offered teaching jobs in London with SANZA, one of the many agencies working to fill positions in UK schools.

University Positions

Teachers are not just needed for primary or secondary schools for children, but many agencies are also recruiting teachers for positions at the university level and for private institutions, as well. If these types of schools have vacancies, they can contact an agency and tell them their needs. Then the agency will place the position on their website and take applications from interested teachers, as well as actively recruit teachers to fill that and other positions they have open.

Working with an Agency

When teachers are recruited through an agency, they will usually work for that agency rather than for the London school where they are teaching. These agencies will help their foreign recruited teachers settle into their new position, as well as their new city, by holding social gatherings so they can get to know other teachers. These agencies try to be as supportive as possible when recruiting teachers from other countries.

There is a careful screening process, including police checks, for the teachers who are interested in relocating to London or elsewhere in the UK to teach. However, the process is fairly quick and simple, since teachers are badly needed.