10 Of The Most Popular Technical-Based Roles

Engineering- and manufacturing-based jobs may not always be seen as cool careers; however, they encompass a great deal of variety, including the range of positions and sectors, providing huge scope for your career. If you are looking for the best technical jobs in the UK, here are 10 of the most popular.

10 Of The Most Popular Technical-Based Roles

Mechanical Engineer

A mechanical engineer could be involved with the development of a product from the initial research and design right through to the manufacturing process. This is a diverse discipline and mechanical engineers can work across a range of industries, including medical, manufacturing and construction.

Chemical Engineer

The work of a chemical engineer involves looking at the physical, chemical or biomedical state of a particular substance and changing it into something different. They are involved in developing innovative new technologies and products that can revolutionise aspects of industry.

Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers require an extensive technical knowledge and the ability to manage projects. They design and develop electrical systems and conduct maintenance. These technical jobs in the UK can be found in sectors such as construction, building services and power.

Quality Manager

The role of a quality manager is to consider whether a specific service or product is fit for the intended purpose. A quality manager will organise this process, produce reports on performance levels and measure these against agreed standards.

Structural Engineer

This position will involve designing structures that can cope with the pressures and stresses that are placed upon them. This creates safe buildings that don’t rotate, collapse or deflect. A structural engineer will often have to work with other engineering disciples and architects.

Automotive Engineer

The design and development of vehicles, including cars, buses and lorries, is the role of an automotive engineer. They can be involved across the entire process; however, they often specialise in areas such as research and development, design or production.

Aerospace Engineer

Someone in this role could be working on a number of different aircraft or systems, including missiles, satellites, weapons systems and space vehicles. It is important that the work looks at increasing safety standards, fuel efficiency and speed, alongside the use of new technologies and lowering costs.

Design Engineer

These technical jobs in the UK involve developing new products and the systems required to manufacture them. A design engineer may also be researching ways to enhance the efficiency and performance of current products. They utilise both design and engineering principles and work with computer software to develop ideas.

Maintenance Technician

As a maintenance technician, a worker will carry out repairs and servicing on mechanical and electrical equipment. This could be in industries such as production, transportation and manufacturing. The work may involve anything from repairing parts on a production line through to testing components for aircraft.

Process Engineer

Process engineers design and implement industrial processes, assess current systems and develop best practice solutions. They work to improve processes to generate better efficiencies, increase sustainability, reduce costs and to enhance profits.