Best Consultant For Canada Immigration To Get The Best Guidance

What is Immigration?

The movement of people from one country to another is called immigration. The people who move is called immigrants. They face a number of challenges in the journey of settlement. When people visit the new country for a short period, they are called tourists.

Many immigrants want to live for an extended period of time in the new country. They want to become citizens of the new country. The number of immigrants, though fluctuates, is always very large in number. It is roughly estimated that about 3% of the population leave their own country and settle in aborad. Since the beginning of the history, man migrated to different parts of the world.

Best Consultant For Canada Immigration To Get The Best Guidance

The law of migration is different in different countries. Of all, the Canadian laws are very complicated because of the constant alterations and modifications of different clauses. So it is very much important to know about the best consultant for Canada immigration that will confirm your eligibility. For example, if you have got a work permit for Canada to work there, it is necessary to be ensured that you are really entitled to get it.

How to choose the Best Consultant

Top 5 tips that help you choose the best immigration consultant.

#01Government’s Certifications

The Immigration Consultant must be government certified. They are of three types.

  1. Anylawyer or paralegalof good social standing in Canadian territory
  2. Notary members of good standing inChambre des notaires du Québec
  3. Immigration consultants of Canada Regulatory Council.

Though it is not compulsory to appoint a remunerated representative, the consultants for immigration may give you advice to find any optional way to check unnecessary delay or expenditure.

#02- Experience and success rate

The verification of the credential and the experience of the consultant is very significantwhen you meet any consultant. You can inquire about their license to check the authenticity of their credentiality. You can also check online at ICCRC or visit at the Websites of the Government for thebest consultant for Canada immigration. It is also necessary to know, how long they are in the service and how the experience they are to show another alternative way to success.

#03-Recognition from peers

Prior to 2004, the immigrants used to be mishandled by the dishonest persons for the easy gain of buck.  In return they gave very poor quality of service. These fraudulent leave the immigrants miserable. Since the formation of CSIC, the position has been changed. Now the immigrants are getting qualified consultant service regularly. The services are, most of the time, found to be safe and guaranteed. The Regulatory Body of Immigration Consultants in Canada is providing service assurances.

#04-Testimonials and Referrals from Immigrant

Visiting the websites of Canadian immigration consultancy firms for the testimonials and referrals from the settlers, is very useful to know the real situation. These provide you the scope of determining clients’ sense of satisfaction about the consultancy firms.

#05The  business dealing, the quality of services, fees and guarantees

Before signing any  agreement with the Immigration Consultant, be sure about all the Laws of Canada and all your probableoptions for immigration.