University Of Zadar

The University of Zadar, categorized as a mid-sized school in the European atmosphere, in many features of the higher tutoring reform and coordination with the EU member states is a forerunner in Croatia. The County plus City of Zadar frequently support the actions of the University: the association of congresses, scientific conferences, round tables, and symposia.

The Intercontinental Summer School of Croatian Literature, Language, and Philosophy “Zoranic’s Arcady” would grow your reading, speaking, and writing skills in Croatian language as well as will proffer you an outstanding insight into pertinent issues of the Croatian cultural individuality. Its courses in linguistic and culture would guide you over a little arcadia of knowledge in one of most attractive and culturally priceless towns on the Adriatic. The summer university is going to be held at the University of Zadar, located at the shore, with a wonderful vision on the adjacent islands. The University structure is situated in the proximity of all town visions, museums, minsters, and the exclusive Zadar sea organ.

The University of Zadar is Croatia’s first university, created in 1396. The University has around 319 workers of which 91 Ph.D.s, 45 M.A.s as well as 5000 students on diverse levels of edification (graduate, supplementary postgraduate, and part-time students). The actions of the University take place on two positions: at the old campus, on an actual gorgeous location in the antique center of the city and at the novel campus.

University Of Zadar


The University containing of 21 departments. The Bologna procedure was implemented for the 2005-06 educational year as with all Croatian schools. A follow-up education a year later showed that the move importantly benefited University and has augmented its profile globally. This allowed it to involve in cooperative research agreements and student interchange programs with other trustworthy universities about the continent. It also has contracts with universities in South America plus the United States.

International Relation Office

Inter-university as well as international cooperation is one of the main concern of the University of Zadar. This would be achieved mainly by the execution of the European system of credit transfer (ECTS) allowing the mobility of the scholars and the teaching as well as research staff.

In the late 90′s the Division of Sociology at the University of Zadar started to incorporate cultural studies in to the present prospectus of the Department. The program of traditional studies theorizes and examines encounters amongst multiple discourses inside specific socio-historical settings of modern culture.  Since 2002 the Division is following the Bologna program and proffering undergraduate degrees, in addition to MA and PhD courses, founded on inter disciplinary theoretic and empirical method.  The Department’s overall goals are associated with developing and satisfying a culture of dialogue plus democratic processes, supporting an interdisciplinary method, promoting global mobility and collaboration between professors, students plus research fellows, and supporting the imaginative industries enlargement on an area level. The Department comprises a new inventive approach to the subjects through furthermore covering practical knowledge around application procedure for EU development fund and similar praxis concentrating on Adriatic area development.