GEMS World Academy – The Best International School In Singapore

Opening its doors on our brilliant shores in September 2014, GEMS World Academy Singapore is the first school in South East Asia to be portion of the huge GEMS universal network.

GEMS will offer students with a global curriculum, and is focused on fostering distinct excellence. Extracurricular enhancement will be accessible in adding to a severe and motivating academic program.

Under the direction of strong and skilled leadership, the GEMS group is highly zealous about making a alteration in teaching. The group is not new to Singapore, its associates having held key places at top International school in Singapore for an amount of years. GEMS educators are student-centered and extremely experienced in providing each student with a universal, well-rounded edification.

The International school in Singapore is furnished with the newest in educational technology to involve, enrich, and support pupils through numerous complete learning prospects. State-of-the-art amenities include an audience theatre, a one-of-a-kind planetarium as well as industry-standard AV recording plus film studios.

GEMS World Academy - The Best International School In Singapore

Customary class rooms are complemented with private teaching chambers as well as portable laptop station; and special regions through the school are intended for music, art as well as foreign language teaching. The campus moreover boasts outstanding physical tutoring and health facilities counting an Olympic-size swimming pool, an all-weather playing arena, a rock-climbing fence and a standard basketball court.

Not merely does staffing at GEMS provide your bookworm an excessive deal of societal capital (increasingly valued anyplace you are today), as a applicant school for the Worldwide Baccalaureate program, GWA Singapore potentials academic distinction with hard socio-academic programs. Faculty members, joined with crackin’ course, are also devoted to preparing their scholars for life (the motto is really Ad Vitam Paramus however let’s just stick to making for life).

Under the GEMS net, your multinational cutie gets to unlock an instantaneous connection with peers crossways the world (from more than 150 nationalities!) in other GEMS worldwide schools around the domain – practically a must in our tremendously interconnected civilization. Talk around a small world!

GEMS ups the awesomeness ante by offering mind-boggling familiarities for Citizen GEMS – bringing in all-star like Kobe Bryant as well as real-life NASA spacemen to teach classes, providing students with prospects to partake in relief projects in Africa, as well as working with UNESCO through the Varkey GEMS Foundation (ruled by none other than Bill Clinton). Munchkin’s education world languages from an initial age, join worldwide initiatives, as well as partake in particularly designed supplementary actions and sporting programmes. These and more allow GWA Singapore to convert all parents’ finest mates in the farming of significant morals and ethics like independence, accountability, honesty, fairness, and respect. Parents can moreover expect growth of the littlies’ aptitudes, skills, leadership, and entrepreneurship abilities.

Let’s wax ecstatic around the campus: we are talking world-class amenities. Their huge five-hectare, $200 million asset has a structure improved with the best instructive technology on the world GWA Singapore similarly houses a hi-tech, 750-seat hall and an out-of-this-world planetarium for wishful Aristotles to space out conscientiously.