Top 5 Jobs For Newly Minted MBA Professionals

Students who recently graduated from college with an MBA degree may still be at a loss when it comes to knowing how to best use that diploma. Even if they had something extremely sought after like the RMU MBA¬†from Robert Morris or an MBA with a minor in a specific technology field, they might still feel like employment prospects aren’t looking good for them. The good news is that there are many growing fields that need MBA graduates.

Top 5 Jobs For Newly Minted MBA Professionals
Let’s Take a Look at the Top 5:

1) Perhaps the hottest profession open to those who recently received an MBA diploma is also the one that sounds the most alien to them. Logisticians are professional coordinators and negotiators who work with other people in order to accomplish a specific task. This could be anything from organizing deliveries to connecting customers with the supply chains they need. Operations management courses offered in MBA programs often prepare students for this kind of a career.

2) While most firms have long hired those with concrete advertising backgrounds to work in their marketing departments, this has changed drastically. Since marketing personnel increasingly need management experience, more companies are looking at hiring MBA graduates to work in this field. They need people who have the management skills to coordinate the department in the same way that a research or financial department would be coordinated.

3) Medical and health services managers work to make sure that health centers, nursing homes, hospitals and clinics are managed efficiently. Demand in the medical field is expected to continue to rise. Health services managers don’t actually need to have a background in medicine, however. These facilities are increasingly looking for people who know about business in order to keep their organization running smoothly.

4) One of the big secrets about applying for a job as a financial advisor is that it requires a background in business every bit as much as it does in finance. University MBA programs actually prepare students to work as financial advisors, but most students don’t even realize this fact. This field is expected to grow by up to a third by 2024, which means that there should be a number of jobs available in the field for the foreseeable future.

5) Those attractive offices that read human resources specialist on the door have previously been filled with individuals who hold bachelor’s degrees. In today’s competitive workplace an MBA can be an excellent way to earn the top spot in the HR department.