3 Study Tips To Get You Through Next Semester

As the summer break comes to an end, it is time we start thinking about the new semester. Are you still deciding on which major you are planning to acquire a degree in?  Do you already know? Is this your first year, or are you a seasoned college veteran? There are many questions to be asked before the semester starts, but there is one question that we all need to ask:

Do you know how to Study Effectively?

Studying is arguably the saving-grace for nearly any successful college student. Sure, you can barricade yourself in a room full of books they day before your exam in hopes to take in the necessary information, but there are better ways to study. In fact, they are scientifically-proven to be better. I wanted to showcase three study habits we should all adopt for this upcoming semester.

3 Study Tips To Get You Through Next Semester

Get Sleepy

Studies have shown that your brain is better at retaining new memories when your body is tired. This phenomenon is called the “sleep effect”, and it was discovered by two scientists, Jenkins and Dallenbach. Now, sleep doesn’t necessarily make you remember new information, however, going to sleep immediately after studying will help reduce interferences that cause our brains to overwrite our newly-gathered information.

Create a Reward System

A big issue in the world of studying is procrastination. Nearly everyone does it. It is important to reward yourself for completing study tasks throughout your session. Did you just finish a chapter? Great! Go for a walk, or go get some snacks. Rewarding yourself throughout a study session will help your body stay focused in between rewards.

Rock Out

Don’t be afraid to put on some background music while you are studying. Any music works, but classical music in particular has been shown to reduce the stress caused by studying. Put on your favorite playlist and get to work!