Is Advanced Chemistry Learning Beneficial In Singapore

Advanced chemistry seems to be such a big deal in Singapore. Students are encouraged to do their best when it comes to chemistry, and to get the highest marks possible. But let’s take a moment to stop and find out if advanced chemistry learning really is beneficial. If you are a student and you study hard, and you even have chemistry tuition … Will it all be worth it in the end?

Is Advanced Chemistry Learning Beneficial In Singapore

The answer is yes. If you do good in chemistry a lot of opportunities open up for you. With good grades, you will have doors opening left and right. So let’s see how chemistry tuition can help you, and how it differs from the usual school setting.

The Advantages Of Chemistry Tuition

  • Qualifications

As opposed to your school teacher, who you usually have no idea about, you can look for a tutor and choose which one has the best qualifications. Some Singapore students and/or their parents choose to join a chemistry tuition program because they don’t trust the school teachers enough. They don’t know if the teachers have the right qualifications to get the students top marks during their exams. This may not be true for others, but the logic is undeniable. On the other hand, when you choose a tutor, you will be able to see their qualifications. You can use this as a basis for choosing which tutor to hire, or which tuition center to join. This allows you to have more trust in the tutor.

  • Level Of Comfort

Since you can’t choose which school teacher you will be assigned to, there is a big chance that you will get a teacher who you are not comfortable with. This is true for every student in every school around the world. There’s just nothing we can do about it. But this does have an effect on how you learn as a student. If you’re not comfortable with the teacher, you may not be able to focus during class. Also, it may become hard for you to ask questions if there’s something that confuses you. This is where having a tutor is an advantage. You will be able to choose which tutor to hire, and therefore find one that you feel comfortable with. This way, you will be able to ask all the questions you need to ask for you to understand a concept completely.

Is Advanced Chemistry Learning Beneficial In Singapore

  • One On One Lessons

Because the school setting involves a lot of students in one class, the needs of each student cannot be addressed by the teacher. It is not really the job of a teacher to focus on each student. Their job is to get through the syllabus. A tutor, however, is different. The whole point of a tutor’s job is to focus on each student. He is not there only to get through a syllabus, but to make sure that you understand each topic before moving on to the next. One on one sessions are designed for this goal. Even small group sessions can achieve this, as opposed to mass lectures being done at school.

  • High Quality Study Materials

A tutor usually goes through materials from all the top notch school, then finds the ones that work best. Each student learns in a different way, and a tutor can find materials that would fit each child’s needs. In a school setting, this is not possible because the teachers have to use the materials mandated by the school. A tutor is not limited in this way, meaning the student will not be limited as well.  This is important because some study materials may not be effective for a particular student. It may be too complicated or too simple. It may not have enough examples, or may not have any diagrams, or may not have any illustrations. All these affects how a student learns. A tutor can find which materials works best for a student to ensure that he learns faster and better.

Learning advanced chemistry from chemistry tuition really is beneficial for all kinds of students. In Singapore, this opens up doors of opportunities for you. You can have a pick of which jobs you can apply your knowledge in, and you will have a chance of better pay and offers.