Karate GI – Choose The Right One To Give Your Best in Karate

All martial arts have a different uniform. In Japanese language uniform is called ‘GI’. A judo uniform is called judogi and a karate uniform is called Karate GI. It consists of loose pants, a loose jacket and a belt. Karate uniforms are designed exclusively to facilitate free movement and to offer full comfort. The rightly chosen karate GI will not only help you to give the best performance but also will last for several years.

Do you want to know how to select the right karate GI? There are some factors to be considered before buying the uniform for karate.

Factors to be considered

  1. Material

You have choices like cotton, polyester and polyester and cotton blend. Each and every fabric has its own pros and cons. Cotton is natural fiber and it has good absorbent properties. It will absorb sweat and will keep you comfortable. It is skin friendly and the risk of skin allergies is very low. The biggest benefit of polyester GI is that it does not shrink. Polyester does not absorb moisture. If you want a material light in weight and airy you can go for polyester and cotton blend.

  1. Weight

The weight of karate GI ranges from 8 ounces to 16 ounces. Eight ounce Karate GI are called student GIs. It is a good choice for student karate GI bulk. Ten ounce uniforms are a great choice for day to day use. Twelve ounce uniforms are the best choice for tournaments. Fourteen ounce uniforms are the best for major official events. Sixteen ounce uniforms are not used frequently because of its heavy weight. It is mostly used by instructors.

  1. Length of top

Some karate students and practitioners prefer very long GI top with several inches hanging below the belt. This may not be too comfortable. If the top is very short it may ride up the belt when you are practicing karate techniques. You should choose the right length to suit your needs and fit your height.

  1. Length of arms

The arms should not fall beyond the wrists. Too long arms your fingers will get stuck in your GI.

  1. Armpits

It should be loose enough for easy movement.

  1. GI bottom

Waist may come with drawstring or elastic band. Elastic band is the best for children. Bottoms should not have zippers and buttons. They may cause injuries. The tops should not be tight in the thighs. This will not help you to move your legs freely while kicking. It should not be tight in the groin area.

  1. Color

White and black are the most common colors for Karate GI. Blue color is also available but it is rarely worn. Student karate GI online is available in several colors.

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