School Of Medicine: A Basic Survival Guide

Getting into a Caribbean school of medicine is one thing. Surviving it is another. You might have heard a ton of unsolicited advice from people who have been through medical school hell and back. Here’s some more that might help you get out alive and ready to conquer the medical world.

School Of Medicine: A Basic Survival Guide

Enjoy The Easier Years

When you enter school of medicine, remember that you are not doomed. Your first few years are devoted to building the foundation needed for you to become a doctor. There will be tons of readings, lectures among others. While these things are very important, they’re not your life and death situation. You will survive as long as you study hard. While developing study habits are crucial, having a life outside of medical school is also crucial to help keep your sanity. Do not pressure yourself too much to studying but try to absorb what you read while enjoying some good drinks, a cup of coffee in a cool cafe, or while spending time with good friends. 

In case there will be big challenges during your first few years in the school of medicine, remember that these are not good measures of what kind of doctor you will become. There’s always that big room for improvement to help you prepare for the clinical rotations that are more crucial. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Explore

The years will flyby fast. As in really fast. While life will not be easy as a student in a Caribbean medical university, the more important part is discovering what you really want to do after your life in medical school. 

While you have the time, try to find out what path will you take. The number of specialties in the medical field are continually increasing from practice in different fields to research, business or even journalism so while early, it will be best to consider your next steps after licensure. 

It is crucial to step out of the classroom and go beyond your immediate surroundings. 

Be Oriented, Be Aware

Yes, read your books, listen to lectures, but there are more important things to do in order to excel while you are in a school of medicine. What’s more important than passing or acing tests is how to treat your patients. 

If there is someone you need to impress, it will be your patients. You do not have to go verbatim and recite paragraphs from medical books but you should know how to interact with the sick and properly evaluate them during medical rounds. There is no secret formula on how to do it but show patients that you care, listen to them and apply the knowledge you have gained in medical school in order to provide the best course of treatment for them. 

In the field of medicine, it is about constant adjustments to different people and scenarios. One must be ready to learn everyday in order to become a good doctor in the future. 

These tips might be useful, but remember that you are in control. Feel it out and take the best action your instinct dictates. There will be ups and downs but surviving medical school is not an impossible task.

Will you survive in a school of medicine? Life will not be easy but a good medical school will help lay foundations that will help you become a successful doctor in the future.