Is Homework Good Or Bad For Students?

Where student life is the best part of our lives with all its charm, youthfulness and worry-free activities, there is one thing we all had or still run away from; the homework. At least most of us avoided homework if not all. You may be in school, college or even a university, homework and assignments would never let you go.  They are the most unwelcome friend which will stick around no matter how much you hated them.

Jokes apart, there is some detailed research conducted regarding excessive homework and how it impacts students especially children. On one hand where it helps students to get better at studies, excessive homework can also have some negative effects.

Is Homework Good Or Bad For Students?

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Some Scientific Facts About Homework

As we delve into serious discussion, we will now look at some of the most crucial aspects when it comes to homework.

Sickness and Laziness:

According to a research, children spend more than three hours at night doing homework. This affects their sleeping schedule and they are not able to have sufficient sleep. Hence, it results in sickness and lesser attentiveness in class during the lectures.

Lesser Physical Activities:

It’s no hidden fact that most parents do not allow their children to go out and play until they have finished their homework. With so many assignments in queue, it is impossible for children to study and play together. Hence, their physical activities are limited to a great extent. With essay writing online service Canada, the problem seems to have reduced somewhat but it still exists and continues to affect in a negative way.

Higher Stress Levels:

It was found in studies that students with excessive homework had substantially high stress levels. For children that young, it is very dangerous to take so much stress. It is actually the consequences of not finishing the homework on time that results in such stress. On many occasions, students in spite of being capable of finishing their homework on time are unable to do so because of excessive stress.

Drawbacks: It is always a sad feeling to see a pile of books waiting for you on the desk. With so much homework to be completed, students generally feel low because they are cut off from their surroundings in a way. This is one reason, the need of online professional essay writers has increased as students can better focus on other subjects without worrying about their essays and assignments.

Some Recommendations

  • If you get time in school or college, try and finish most of your work there only.
  • You may not have a timetable, prepare one and strictly abide by it. Make sure to include at least an hour or so for physical exercise.
  • If possible, get help from professional essay writer online for better assignments and projects.