Things To Be Aware About Newcastle Nursing Agencies

If you are looking to use a nursing agency, it is important to select one that specialises in the recruitment needs of your specific industry.

Industry expertise

Nursing agencies align the needs of specialist employers with the skills of the nurses and care candidates within a specific region or countrywide. The agency should understand your particular needs and what skills you are looking for in the potential candidate and why these skills are important to you.

They should spend plenty of quality time with you discussing and identifying these requirements. They should also seek feedback after interviews have taken place to check that their selection is in line with your needs. Finding the right candidate for a job takes time. An agency should be willing to go the extra mile to source the right person for you, but at the same time, it should not be disrespectful or annoying by constantly contacting your company managers. Ethical agencies should supply candidates that match their given CVs; this indicates that the recruiters have performed their research properly regarding each person.

Registered agencies

In the North East, when looking for a Newcastle nursing agency either as a potential employer or employee, only select those that are registered with the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). In addition, check that agencies employ or have access to a lawyer who is versed in the employment industry.

Things To Be Aware About Newcastle Nursing agencies

Guaranteed results

One very important aspect is the attitude of the agency toward its own success rate with placements. The agency should be capable of guaranteeing its results in selecting the right candidate for your specific position and should have figures to support a good rate of retention of the individuals that they have previously placed. You really need to know that you can rely on your selected agency to identify that special person you are looking for.

In-depth screening process

There is no point in employing an agency and then doing the time-consuming work of weeding through CVs yourself. A good nursing agency should pre-screen the candidates and then offer you the option to interview only those individuals who’s CVs are the best match for your vacancy.

Don’t base selection on price

Some agencies may appear attractive because they offer their services at a competitive price; such companies should be avoided as there may be some cutting of corners in their selection process. They could ultimately cost you a great deal of time and money if the candidate turns out to be unsuitable and the employment process needs to be repeated a few months later.

Any Newcastle nursing agency should be able to offer you a range of candidates to choose from all based in the North East or maybe further afield. If, on the other hand, you are interested in a new employment position, you should also look for the above points in a reliable agency and aim to have the best set of people representing you.