7 Loopholes That Keeps You From Writing A Great Thesis Paper!

Research papers are very much the bane to every college student out there. They require hours, days or months of extensive hard work behind their completion. But no matter how big the task is, completing them is compulsory. We shouldn’t tell you how hard it is to make one of these. That is if you can avoid making some of the more common mistakes that would lead to the death of your grade.

7 Loopholes That Keeps You From Writing A Great Thesis Paper!

It’s not only the writing part that counts, but also the fact that you should avoid plagiarism, citation errors and etc. So if you can keep yourself from making the given blunders, your thesis is in good hands.

  1. Not Giving A Clear Thesis Statement

You have less than a minute to get your thesis to stand out to your reader. Remember that the reader is your professor. Therefore, if you fail to connect with him, then you can kiss that grade goodbye.

The only way to do this is by writing an impressive thesis statement. It has to be at the beginning of the first paragraph.

It should consist of 1-2 sentences that should let the reader know about the rest of the paper. Keep in mind that it has to be clear and precise. It has to highlight the central theme of your research. It should provide a solution to a problem, an opinion or an argument in a compelling way.

  1. Not Giving Accurate Citations

When you give a quote from a piece of literature, current events or history, it has to be precise. Direct quotes can help make your information more credible. Just be sure it is something that relates to the point that you want to put across. If you give a quote without defending it, you will have to face the embarrassment.

  1. Not Giving Reason For Your Research

There is a point that you wish your readers to get away in your paper that answers the why-oriented angles of your assessor. Even if your ideas make sense, what purpose could this write up possibly serve for the project? Unless you answer that, you will lose marks.

  1. Not Clarifying Your Choice of Methods

It is highly important that you identify the choice of methods upon which you want to build your paper. Your professor will likely to give you the choices. Therefore, it is important that you clarify the methods so that it can satisfy the reader, which in this case is your professor.

  1. Lack Of Proof

It is customary for every research paper to have facts and statistics to reinforce its credibility. Without these vital details, people will likely to doubt your research and everything that follows. You need to keep them on the same page as your thesis. Use actual models from other researchers to support your data.

  1. Not Planning When You Should Have

Any kind of research requires time and effort and so does a thesis paper. You can’t just put in whatever you want as information without looking into it. That is one of the many ways in which students could foil the quality of their thesis.

  1. Not Proofreading

A butchered piece of content is worse than giving inaccurate information. This is not only limited to spelling errors, but also mistakes in connotations, missing words, facts and statistics.

When you finish writing your article, you should have the temperament of looking back to ensure that everything is in order.

Avoid the above-mentioned 7 blunders in your thesis paper and you’ll be on your way to passing the exams with flying colors.

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