What Kind Of Car Do I Need?

There are so many cars available in the market, so how can one choose one? Well, in the article below we tried to explain main types of vehicles so that you can decide which one works best for you.

What Kind Of Car Do I Need?

Coupe/Convertible: If you have a look at Ford Mustang then you should understand that this is a coupe car, convertible can be opened at the roof. These cars are for people who love speed and want to make a statement about themselves. The practicality of these vehicles can be limited by the small space at the back seats and even their absence.

Sedan: If you plan to have more than two people in the family then sedan is your best choice, for instance, Toyota Camry. These are classic makes of cars having plenty of space for people and also cargo in the trunk. They are ideal for long trips as well as city use.

Hatchback: If you add one more door to sedan and make the total of five you will get a hatchback, for instance, Skoda Octavia. These vehicles offer SUV-like space but they lack dynamics and perfect fuel-economy of heavier vehicles. Manufacturers continue to create new designs and features to keep the buyers interested, and doing it pretty well!

Station Wagon: Station wagons in general have pretty bad reputation, but manufacturers fight to change this perspective. And the great new design of wagons is Mazda 6 as a classic representative of these cars. These automobiles offer the best attributes of a vehicle without the trade-offs of large crossovers and various SUVs.

SUV/Crossover: If you raise the clearance of a hatchback or a station wagon you will have a crossover or an SUV standing in front of you. The classic example of a crossover is Jeep Cherokee. These vehicles are very useful for drivers having something to do with non-regular terrains in the rural areas. These cars were created for the purpose of crossing any possible obstacles without any problems and not for calm city life. This is why they are not optimal for city life because of their fuel consumption.

Many drivers choose crossovers because of the higher sitting position which simplifies the driving process and also puts much less stress on the eyes.

Minivan: Minivans are mostly associated with large families, because they can place up to 8 people at a time. The classic example of a minivan is Mercedes Vito. Minivans are very frequently used for long trips with friends because can perfectly fit both people and cargo. Some owners claim that many SUVs have better cargo space, but they, unfortunately, cannot fit so many people inside. So at this point you will need to find a compromise or set priorities.

Truck: Trucks are the biggest cars on this list. For a classic example you can check website for Ford F150. Trucks are designed for cargo transportations so if you work with heavy loads and need as much cargo space as possible then this is your best choice.

We tried to explain in a few words the difference between the vehicles types, while undoubtedly each of them deserves a separate article. We also hope, that these overviews will clarify how each car type looks like and help you choose the right vehicle for your needs and preferences.