8 Essential Items Every Collegian Should Have In Their Dormitory Room

The following post is contributed by Nicola Reynor.

With colleges re-opening in the next quarter, students will rush into their study schedules in full swing. Most of you will be busy shuttling between classrooms, dorm rooms and the cafeteria. This is undoubtedly going to be an exciting and tiring time for you. So, before you get tied up with college work and social life, it is advisable to sort your basic requirements, amenities and tasks first.

Most students want their dorm rooms to be stylish, yet comfortable enough to lounge and study in. Your dorm’s floor plan can help you choose the décor items for the space. College dorm shopping requires prior planning so that you have a ready inventory of items that are space-savvy, pragmatic, and durable.

8 Essential Items Every Collegian Should Have In Their Dormitory Room

Here a few essentials that a college student should have in their dormitory room:

1. Soft Board/Wall Grid

Even with constant technological assistance, most people like to leave notes for themselves or others as reminders. Personalize your dorm space in a practical manner by installing a wall grid or a soft-board in a prominent place. You can not only clip notes on it, but also decorate it to hang photographs of your loved ones. Memories and reminders galore!

2. Storage Ottoman

Most people use an Ottoman cushion to rest their feet. But, did you know it has several purposes besides serving as a leg rest? The Ottoman has come a long way, and in modern times, it is doubles up as storage area, extra seating, and coffee table!

Regardless of their size, ottomans are the hidden gems that can be used for innumerous purposes in your dorm room.

3. Super-absorbent Towels

In all probability, your study schedule will take up most hours of your day. As a result, you may not be able to do your laundry that often. Buy a set of inexpensive towels that have super-absorbent and quick-drying properties. You can surely use a fresh towel for at least a week or even a fortnight. Don’t forget to buy a separate laundry bag for used towels as you do not want to mix them with your regular clothes.

4. Mattress Encasement

We all are aware that most dorm mattresses get reused several times. It may not be feasible to buy a new mattress every time you change your dorm room. Instead, you can have a mattress encasement as it is definitely an economical, convenient and hygienic option.

Prevent allergies from affecting you with the help of this protective guard. Invest in covers that are waterproof and protect you against bed bugs, dust mites, and allergens.

5. Portable and Flexible Lamps

Light up the inaccessible areas of your room with clip-on lamps. These can be clipped to a hook or even curtains. Additionally, you can purchase a floor lamp with multiple smaller lamps on it and a rotary switch, which allows you to illuminate one or more lamps at a time. These lamp stands have malleable necks, which can be twisted in any direction based on your need.

6. Bed Risers

Whether you’re in a spacious dorm room or a tiny one, bed risers are always life-savers. This is because they allow you to make the most of the space under your bed in terms of storing things! So, now you know how to get off-season clothing out of your way!

Pair them with a bed storage unit and you’re good to go! Store all your least-worn clothing items, extra blankets and shoes under the bed in these easily accessible drawers. To make it even easier on yourself, buy bed risers with in-built charging points and USB slots.

7. Body Pillow

With a hectic college schedule, getting a good night’s sleep is imperative for students. For this, your mattress, comforter and pillows should be extremely comfortable. You might want to leave aside the regular pillows and opt for the more comfortable body pillow instead.

A body pillow can be described as a long pillow that is approximately the same length as your body. What sets it apart is that it provides the utmost support to your legs, neck and shoulder regions and the back muscles while you sleep. This type of pillow provides coziness, support and relief from the pressure.

Go for organic body pillows that are manufactured using materials like cotton, wool, shredded latex and kapok. These pillows are available with various designs and prints on them. The use of body pillows is prevalent in the Japanese culture, and you are likely to find a find a Yuri on ice body pillow.

8. Surge Protector

In several dormitories, the magnitude of power supply varies, and because of this, all your electronic devices are always at threat of electrical damage. Invest in a reliable surge protector to safeguard your devices from fluctuation in power supply.

Remember, surge protectors aren’t the same as power strips. So, just because you want to add more outlets, don’t buy a power spike as it will not protect your devices. If you want to add a layer of protection between your gear and the power supply, you’ll eventually want to buy a surge protector.

Always go for the one which has more outlets than you currently need. You’ll undoubtedly add more gear in the future, without necessarily getting rid of your current gear. That’s why you are going to need more outlets.


With proper planning, buying necessities for your dormitory room can be a one-time and prudent investment. To save on packing or shipping expenses, you may want to buy some of these items after you reach your college premise. Pack for one season at a time and switch items when you go home for breaks. Purchasing multipurpose items can help you make the most of your room’s space.