Key elearning Trends To Watch Out For In 2017

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Heading – Key elearning trends to watch out for in 2017

Body –It’s true that the future of learning is no more dependent on the conventional classroom teaching. This is propelling the popularity of elearning and distance education at a considerable pace. Here are some of the key elearning trends that are expected to become huge next year.

Key elearning Trends To Watch Out For In 2017

  • Mobile focussed learning and mobile friendly coursework

A mobile learning platform does not just focus upon learning on a mobile device. The learning material for mobiles are specifically created for handheld devices and it requires a skilful instructional design that enjoys compatibility.

Mobile learning in India is believed to have emerged as a consumer focussed domain and the developers of the elearning contents emphasise upon the prioritisation of the customer requirements. More businesses are adopting learning management systems (LMS) and are using native apps that work across different platforms. These businesses want their employees to enjoy the complete luxury of accessing the training materials and resources from any device, from anywhere anytime.  The growing trend of elearning in India is revolutionising the course design and structure.

Key elearning Trends To Watch Out For In 2017

  • Gamification

This trend is able to make learning a fun experience for the individuals and expected to emerge as one of the sensational eLearning trends next year. Gamification of learning is not just meant for kids but also helpful for an adult as it is capable of boosting interactivity.

More businesses and corporations are coming forward to invest in module development which collaboratestraining with games so that it is able to bring improve the employee performance and also aid personal development.

  • Microlearning

This trend is fast catching pace as the world is in consistent haste. It encompasses mini bytes of learning content made available to the user to incorporate in their daily schedule without any hassle.

This form of elearning uses minuscule chunks of data or lessons, concise training resources that do not impact the learner with cognitive reading.It can be accessed by the users through mobile and other relevant devices, increasing its popularity mainly in the corporate domain.

  • Video focussed training

Video-driven training has become one of the most popular medium nowadays as they are capable of enticing and engaging individuals at the same time. Since users, irrespective of their age, prefer to learn watching videos, hence this trait is being utilised by the mobile learning platforms to incorporate videos in online learning and training.

  • Personalised approach towards learning

With the growing popularity of elearning, personalised learning has assumed relevance. In a situation where learner falls behind the class in a specific topic, the elearning system allows them to catch up as per their own pace. These days, organisations look for competency-based learning and training programs in the corporate sector. It offers the employees a much-needed insight into their skills, weaknesses and offers necessary scope for improvement.

  • Cloud focussed learning management system

Among the recent trend, most of the mobile LMS service providers have switched to cloud-focussed platforms as it allows the employees to quickly access training and lowers the cost as well. It also ensures advanced data encryption, improving scope for data security.