Learning Difficulty And Disabilities And Their Symptoms

A wide variety of problems related to learning is termed under the term Learning disabilities or disorders. It is not a problem related to motivation or intelligence. They are not lazy or dumb but are as smart as their compatriots. It would normally affect the way they understand information and how they communicate. Often this may result in them having difficulty understanding new or complex information, learning new skills or being independent.

Learning Difficulty And Disabilities And Their Symptoms

A learning disability can be of three types, mild, medium or severe. Someone with a mild learning disability can do daily chores but may take more time to learn new skills. Learning difficulty or mental illness is not the same as learning disability. Learning difficulty cheshire is a problem of understanding or an emotional difficulty that affects a person’s ability to learn or get along with others and follow convention.

On a daily basis, this can be a variety of things like single-mindedness, losing track of time, acting on impulse, unable to concentrate for longer periods and being bored easily. These are normal characteristics that everybody goes through but the problem arises when it becomes prominent and turn into learning difficulty. Most of these difficulties rarely appear in isolation and tend to overlap other condition in many cases. Learning difficulties looks different from one child to another. In most cases, problems with socialisation are often overlooked which may result in the child not making friends and being shy and prefer to watch other children.

Some of the symptoms of learning difficulty or disabilities are as follows:

  1. They may have trouble in finding the right word.
  2. They may find it difficult to follow directions or learning routines.
  3.   Difficulty learning the alphabet, shapes, numbers, colours and days of the week.
  4.   They may have difficulty learning the connection between the sounds and the alphabets.
  5.   Frequent errors and consistently misspells words.
  6.   The may not be able to tell the time and have difficulty remembering sequences.
  7.   The may not be able to blend sounds to make words.
  8.   They may have trouble following classroom discussions and expressing their thought aloud.
  9. The same word will be spelt differently in a single document
  10. They may have trouble sitting still in the class.

With learning difficulty and disabilities it is difficult to know what the next step should be as a parent. It can also be frustrating for the child as they can see their friends these skills being tackled with ease. Also, things can be extremely frustrating for bright children with a learning disability. Social and emotional skills are trusted and consistent indicators of success for all children including children with learning disability and difficulty. They would in any eventuality outweigh academic skills in predicting future success and achievements. It is best to concentrate on child’s growth as a person and not on academic achievements and thus helping them learn good emotional habits which will help them face future challenges in life. All children can be both exhilarating and exhausting and it can be more so with a child with learning difficulty cheshire and disability.