Try to Build Reputation With The Help Of Comptia Security Certification

CompTIA is an internationally reputed organization that provides certifications for professionals in various disciplines. The certifications are focused on providing certifications for IT professionals but there are some certifications for the non-IT professional as well. CompTIA began operations in 1982 and has grown to be respected all over the world for the quality of its certificate holders. Since each certificate requires in-depth, comprehensive and practical knowledge of each topic under scrutiny. As the Comptia Security Certification is vendor-neutral, the holders are experts in the subject, having validated knowledge on a broad spectrum of topics and systems from various manufacturers.

Try to Build Reputation With The Help Of Comptia Security Certification

Respect of the Certificate

The Security+ Certification by CompTIA is a highly respected certificate that endorses the wide and expert level knowledge of the professionals who have acquired it. The certificate speaks volumes of the calibre of the professional in the discipline of network security. With organizations like Apple Inc., Dell, IBM, Intel and the U.S. Department of Defence employing the professionals who have acquired the Security+ certificate, it is a great choice for individuals who wish to make it big on the cyber-security scene. The certification exam requires expertise in the following core areas (listed with the percentile of marks designated for each core area):

Network Security –                                              20%.

  • Compliance and Operational Security –                                              18%.
  • Threats and Vulnerabilities –                                              20%.
  • Application, Data and Host Security –                                              15%.
  • Access Control and Identity Management –                                              15%.
  • Cryptography –                                              12%.

Going through the Topics

The various topics under each of the following headings are mentioned below. Each topic requires mastery before attempting to appear for the certification exam:

Network Security:

Implementing the parameters of security configurations on network devices and other related technology.

  • Use principles of secure network administration for any given scenario.
  • Explain the designs and components of network elements.
  • The implementation of common and standardized protocols and services in a given scenario.
  • Troubleshooting wireless security issues in any given scenario.

Compliance and Operational Security:

Explanation of the importance of risk related concepts.

  • Summarizing the implications of integrating the data and systems with third party users.
  • Implementing appropriate risk mitigation strategies for any given scenario.
  • Implementation of basic forensic procedures in any given scenario.
  • Summarizing the common response procedures for any incident.
  • Explaining the requirement and importance of security related awareness and training.
  • Comparing and contrasting environmental controls and physical security.
  • Summarizing best practices for risk management.
  • Selection of appropriate control methods to meet security goals in any given scenario.

Core Study Area

The above listed are the topics of two domains or core study areas. There are many more such topics of discussion and expertise that require advanced study and practice. Only an expert can achieve the Security + Certification, and as such they are in high demand. Security firms, law enforcement directorates in every government, banks, data centres, healthcare institutions and even educational institutes employ professionals with this Training Comptia Security Certification. With more and more organizations and institutions joining the cyberspace with each passing day, this field of study will be in demand for many years to come. They are needed to battle the cyber criminals and pinpoint their location, while preventing any sort of harm to emanate from them. The certificate is worth its weight in gold and is highly sought by students as well as professionals.