Top 10 Tips For Planning Your Studying Abroad In New Zealand

New Zealand is known as one of the best places for higher education throughout the world. This country is not only well-known for offering world-class education, but the top-notch facilities, secure study environment, scenic natural surroundings, outdoor lifestyle and its culture make this country a perfect destination for every student around the world.

The number of Thai students studying in New Zealand has increased to a great extent during last few years.  More and more Thai students are showing high interest about studying abroad in a place like New Zealand. If you are one of them who are planning to study abroad in New Zealand, then there are few things that you have to consider to plan your study successfully in that country. In this article, we have listed out top 10 tips that will help a Thai student to plan their study abroad in New Zealand smoothly and effectively.

Top 10 Tips For Planning Your Studying Abroad In New Zealand

Tips for Thai Students to Plan Their Study Abroad in New Zealand

  1. Know The Education System of New Zealand: If you are planning to study in New Zealand, knowing the education system is utmost important for every student. The New Zealand education system is divided into six sectors including Universities, Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics, Private Territory and Training Institutions, Teacher Training, English Language Training Sector and Wãnanga. Based on your study purpose and field of study, you can choose any education sector that fulfills your requirements.
  1. Choose The Institution: Choosing the right institution for your higher study is very important if you want to grow your career substantially. If you are planning for graduate and post graduate programs, you can choose a university from the eight universities available in New Zealand. For diploma and other technical courses you can choose an institute from the 22 Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics available in this country. To take the right decision about choosing an institute or university, you can do a comprehensive research on all the educations sectors available in this country or you can also ask an education counsellor to know the right education sector for you in New Zealand.
  1. Plan Your Accommodation: The accommodation is one of the most important factors to consider while planning for studying abroad in New Zealand. You can either choose to stay at your academy accommodation or you can also choose rental accommodation based on your requirements. You should decide your accommodation before arriving in New Zealand to avoid any kind of hassles later.
  1. Cost of Education: One of the reasons why Thai students choose New Zealand as their destination for abroad study is the cost of the education. Not only the cost of education, but the living expenses, tuition costs and transportation cost in New Zealand is very much affordable compared to other countries like USA, UK and Australia. The tuition fees in New Zealand basically depend on the type of the education you are obtaining, plus, it also depends on the type of the education sector. The cost of private institutions is comparatively higher than the cost of public education sectors.
  1. Prepare Your Passport & Visa: Visa is one of the most vital things that you need to prepare before planning your trip in New Zealand. If you are going to New Zealand for higher studies, you have to make for New Zealand student visa. Having a student visa proves that you have enough money to complete your education, to bear your living expenses, traveling expenses, tuition fee and other expenses. To get a student Visa, you have to show your offer letter, guarantee to stay (for students under 18), medical documents, work plans and proof of English.
  1. Know Some Tourist Attractions: Besides the academic world, a student always gets some space for other activities, and traveling is one of such activities that every international student would love to do while their stay in a beautiful country like New Zealand. There are plenty of amazing tourist attractions are available in this country including island sanctuaries, beautiful sandy beaches, spectacular fjords, rugged mountains, eye-attractive glaciers and many more. You can save some money from your education to explore these fantastic locations to refresh your mind once in a while.
  1. Look for Employment Prospects: If you have any plans to earn while learning in New Zealand, you can also work in part-time basis during holiday periods or after your classes. This will not only help you to earn your own pocket money, but you can use them as your traveling expense, living expense and tour costs, etc. New Zealand has great opportunities for graduate students, and if you are already a graduate, you might get a better part-time job opportunity there.
  1. Plan Your Travel: Whether you are flying from Thailand to New Zealand, New Zealand to Thailand or within New Zealand, the traveling expense is something which affects your budget extensively. But, you can lower your traveling expense by planning your trip smartly. If you are traveling through the flight, you must keep your eyes on the flight deals. Try to find out discounted tickets or group flight tickets, and you can also try to book your tickets in advance to get a lower price. On the other hand, to travel around New Zealand, you can try to find the cheapest means of traveling available in this country.
  1. Apply for Scholarship: New Zealand offers an excellent opportunity for Thai students to get a scholarship program. One lucky Thai student can get the chance to obtain free four weeks Global English Plus Programme in the University of Auckland. You can also check the procedure about how to apply for the scholarship, what are the eligibility criteria, and other important details, if you wish to master in English.
  1. Pack Your Bag: New Zealand is a country with the diverse weather. You will see four different seasons in this country if you are going for a long-term study purpose. When preparing for your trip, you have to pack your bags with all kinds of dresses including rain jackets, umbrella, sweaters and summer dresses, to prepare yourself for all the seasons.


New Zealand is a highly valued place for higher education. For a Thai student, matching with the education system and lifestyle of New Zealand is quite easier because of the excellent weather, culture, and lifestyle of this country. If you are worrying about how to prepare for your study abroad in New Zealand, then you can simply follow the above-given tips to make a perfect plan before your trip.