Usefulness Of The Courses Offered by AnalytixLabs, Gurgaon Reviews

A common name among Indian analytics professionals

Big data has not only taken a wide range of industries by storm, its advent has also brought a considerable amount of change in the technical education system. A lot of universities are incorporating analytics and data science as parts of the curriculum; machine learning has become one of the most important parts of a computer science or IT curriculum. But there is always a gap between college education and professional or so to say industrial training. This is where the AnalytixLabs comes into play. The number of academies providing analytics training in India, especially in the NCR is growing rapidly. It becomes somewhat difficult to choose the course that best for you. The AnalytixLabs Gurgaon review is aimed at providing a neutral perspective at the usefulness of this institute.

Usefulness Of The Courses Offered by AnalytixLabs, Gurgaon Reviews

Courses that prepare you for the industry

AnalytixLabs creates a balance between the essential theoretical knowledge and all-inclusive practical training in the various factions of analytics and data science. While this much does not confirm the applicability of the training in real time situations but the fact that the course structure features various case studies and project works should. The basic difference between a university course and a professional training is that the latter focuses on preparing you for the industry. ANalytixLabs stays true to this point and designs its materials so that they are perfectly in sync with the industry trends.

Well specified training with targeted material

If you are attending a data science course focused on SAS tools at AnalytixLabs you can rest assured that you would be prepared to handle the tools with ease and train you to choose the correct approach in attacking a problem. The same goes for a Hadoop related course or one that concerns languages like R or Python. The curriculums are specifically targeted to the industry trends. One can pick and choose their suitable level of training. The courses are intelligently divided so that there is a clear distinction between entry level over view and in depth subjective training. Of course they help you evaluate yourself and choose the proper course. The wide range of courses definitely maintains the global standards. If you are paying for in depth training in a specific tool you will receive exactly that. Anyway the curriculum is aligned carefully with the usual, global industry requirements so, if you are a newbie in analytics and not really sure about things, there could not be a better solution than AnalytixLabs.

The faculty and administration are impressive

The faculty seems to have been chosen with two things in mind – industry exposure and practical education. In a field like analytics the role of real time projects and exposure to the industry can be a vital factor in building up a data professional. AnalytixLabs faculty members are associated with various top notch organizations like Mckinsey& Co, Facebook, KPMG, Deloitte, etc. This does not only ensure a great preparation for the aspiring trainee but helps the confidence of a student in his or her training. And these things do matter a lot. An institute is as good as its faculty and AnalytixLabs is claimed to be one of the best in India.

The ownership of every establishment has an invariable impact on its functionality. In the case of AnalytixLabs one can almost feel the positively inquisitive vibe created by the IIM, IIT, and McKinsey alumni. If the owners of an institute happen to possess a firm knowledge of the subject being taught and learnt, they usually end up making the right modifications for the students.

To sum up the pros

  • Flexibility of time and place
  • Practical training, case studies and well targeted material
  • Industry exposure through experienced faculty and global interaction
  • Varied range of courses for all skill levels
  • Reasonable course fees

One can hardly ask more of a private academy but there is more in this case; AnalytixLabs has been ranked as the best analytics institute in India by the Analytics India Magazine, a certificate from AnalytixLabs does give you some extra mileage in the domestic industry and global certification are also available, provided you are well trained.