What To Do After Class 10? – Listen To The Experts

CBSE Class 10 examinations took place from 9th March to the 10th of April and now, by the last week of May 2017, CBSE Class 10 results will be announced where in all students will get to know how well they had performed in the examinations.

Everybody including the students who had appeared for the class 10 examinations and their respective parents are anxious about the CBSE Class 10 results and also about what they should do after the results. Though the answer to this question will be more clear once the results are out and you get to know your stand, at least you need to set up your mind about what do you want to do now!

What To Do After Class 10? - Listen To The Experts

What to study after class 10?

The biggest question that arises before every 10th pass student is – What subjects should you choose to study now? There is always slight hesitation among students as well as parents on what to study after class 10. This question governs the career path you can choose later on and the colleges you can aim for.

Basically, the subjects you will choose after your CBSE Class 10 results are going to stay with you for long. Whether you opt for Science or Commerce or Arts, these subjects would impact your future path. So, choose wisely.

Listen to Your Heart

Many would preach Science and ask you to aim for a good rank in IIT-JEE and take on the path to engineering. Some would be against the idea of too many engineers and the rat race that is involved with IIT rankings and engineering colleges, getting into IITs, big placements, etc.

Similarly, you’ll get all kinds of people. Some would ask you to choose Science-Maths while others would suggest you to take Commerce and aim for CA-CS courses. Some may even suggest aiming for an off-beat career – the new trend. Even your parents would suggest you with different things.

But remember, at the end – what matters is what you actually want to do. Because it’s you who has to take that particular career path, study, fight competitions, learn and live with it. Choose something where your real passion lies.

Seek Help from Counsellor

Oftentimes, we get confused about what we actually want from our life and where our interest lies. A career counsellor can definitely help you in that case.