6 Creative Jobs in the Design Field

If you’re a creative person and want to make a good living, then you should consider a career in design. The design field encompasses many specialties so you should find a niche that you enjoy. These design careers are increasingly in demand and will allow you to earn a good living.

 6 Creative Jobs in the Design Field

Game Designer

If you enjoy playing video games and are computer savvy, then a career as a game designer may be the creative outlet that you’re looking for. Game designers create games for consoles, computers, and mobile devices on several platforms. There are several different positions required to create games, including software engineers, system designers, senior designers, art directors, and release managers.

Game design degrees are available at technical schools and in both public and private universities.


You can go to school to become a multimedia artist or animator and work in the film industry, for advertising agencies, or with computer companies doing design services. If you can draw, then you can learn how to transfer your drawings to a computer and then create a series of images from your drawings. Along with working with others to make animated movies, videos, or commercials, you may also use your skills to create storyboards for advertising agencies, commercials, and television shows.

Interior Designer

If you’re more hands-on, then working with homeowners or companies to design interiors may be more your style. By taking their wishes and needs into consideration, you can create living or work spaces which are beautiful, innovative, yet comfortable in homes and offices. When you go to design school, you will learn how to work with lighting, colour, textures, and space to create residential or commercial interiors.


Architects design buildings, houses, and other structures to be safe and functional while staying on budget. They also make them creatively and aesthetically pleasing; sometimes they are also groundbreaking in their design. Studying to be an architect is a good design job in Malaysia if you want to carve a niche in design career as there are many modern, innovative buildings located in Malaysia and other nearby countries.

Graphic Designer

Graphic design is another good career for people with artistic talent. Although graphic designers work on computers, they usually render hand drawings first, transfer them onto their computers, and create graphics from them. Graphics are used by advertising agencies, TV and film industries, print publications, and businesses that need designs for product labels. Some graphic designers specialise in logo design, advertising, or product label design so there are several opportunities in the field.

Website Designer

If you’re good with computers and coding, then you can use your artistic skills as a website designer. Many web designers work for themselves instead of multimedia agencies so you could set your own schedule and sit at your desk in your pyjamas at home. Web designers create websites for commercial businesses of every size while working with digital marketing agencies.

There are several careers in the design field that you may enjoy, including these six.