Few Tips to Well Understand Trigonometry in 10th Std!

Trigonometry is a complete branch of mathematics which includes the measurements of sides as well as angles of a particular triangle and also the problems associated with angles. They form the basis for so many complex concepts to be studied in future.

“Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations and algorithms; it is more about understanding!!”

This is true! Mathematics has thousands of different concepts to learn, some are independent whereas some are dependent on results of earlier primary concepts. So you need a complete understanding rather than simply mugging up and applying formulas.

Few Tips to Well Understand Trigonometry in 10th Std!

In CBSE class 10 Maths introduction to Trigonometry, you will be introduced to following concepts:

  1. Trigonometric Ratios (Ratio of sides of triangle with respect to its most acute angle are called Trigonometric Ratios. They are Sin A, Cos A, Tan A, Cosec A, Sec A and Cot A)
  2. Trigonometric Ratios of some specific angles
  3. Trigonometric Ratios of Complementary angles
  4. Trigonometric Identities

Introduction to trigonometry class 10 NCERT solutions:

NCERT solutions are the most common as well as popular set available for Class X students especially for students who need quick and prompt solutions. For a complete theoretical as well as descriptive explanation about Introduction to Trigonometry, you may refer the NCERT solutions easily as they would guide you on the correct path. The main reason for you to be clear with Trigonometry now is to understand and hence apply later on in real time situations.

What is the significance of right angled triangles in Trigonometry?

Trigonometry basically describes relationships between angles and sides of a triangle. They are more relevant on right angled triangle as one angle become 90 degree so acute angle can be well determined helping in making the correct formula application. If none of the angles is 90 degrees, the complete formula is ruled out!

What is Sin, cos and Tan in Trigonometry?

  • Suppose you have a right-angled triangle (a triangle with one angle as right angle = 90 degree)
  • The side which is the longest among all three in triangle as well as opposite to right angle is called HYPOTENUSE.
  • The adjacent side which is in between the right angle and angle in question is ADJACENT side.
  • The side opposite to angle in question is OPPOSITE side.

Formula goes like:

SIN OF ANGLE= Length of opposite side/ Length of Hypotenuse

COS OF ANGLE= Length of Adjacent Side/ Length of Hypotenuse

TAN OF ANGLE= Length of Opposite Side/ Length of Adjacent Side


So, with help of proper diagrams, trigonometry comes out to be super fun and easy. Try and solve few practice questions and you would never ever forget the simple formulas. There is no major science involved! All you need is good understanding of drawing the most appropriate right angled triangle and labelling all the sides as well as angles properly. Your answer would come easily by applying the above simple calculation formulas!

Hope to have helped you in solving your tensions and worries!