3 Study Traps That Candidates Appearing For JEE Main Should Be Aware Of

JEE Main exam is a doorway for candidates interested in pursuing engineering courses in prestigious engineering institutions like IITs, NITs, and IIIT. The JEE Main has two sections – Paper I is for admission into B.E. and B. Tech. while Paper II is for candidates interested in pursuing B. Arch. and B. Planning. Qualifying for JEE Main is mandatory for candidates who want to answer JEE Advanced.

If you are appearing for JEE Main, you should be aware of the three traps that could wreak havoc with your preparation.

3 Study Traps That Candidates Appearing For JEE Main Should Be Aware Of

  1. Beware of the Negative Study Cycle

Getting caught in the negative study cycle could spell disaster. Typically, this cycle occurs when a student is unable to understand a concept properly and hence, cannot solve any question pertaining to that concept. Instead of asking the professor to explain the concept once more, the student stays silent. As a result, the student gets stuck at that juncture and is unable to proceed further. With each passing day, the student’s confidence level decreases and this has a profound effect on his/her performance.

On the other hand, in a positive study cycle, the reverse happens. The student understands the concept and is able to solve questions related to the concept. This wins the student praise from the professor, resulting in the student getting motivated to study and work harder. This results in performance improvement and the whole cycle continues.

Many education experts believe that students are caught in the negative cycle more often than they realize. Hence, if they have a problem understanding anything, it is important to clear their doubts right away.

  1. Mugging Concepts and Theories

Rote learning may get students through in their 10th standard examination. However, when it comes to JEE Main, it will not help. Unfortunately, many students appearing for JEE Main are under the misconception that by memorizing theories and concepts, they will have no problem answering all the questions. However, it does not work like that.

When it comes to cracking the JEE Main exam, it is important for you to get out of the rote learning habit that you have cultivated for years. In this examination, you will need to demonstrate your ability to apply concepts and theories to solve problems. So, begin solving problems that help you understand concepts and theories, and how you can apply them to different situations. This study methodology will help boost your confidence and also ensure you understand the subject matter well.

  1. Not Remembering Concepts from IX and X Standards

The basics are taught to students in 9th and 10th standards. So, make sure you go back and brush up on concepts from those classes. Otherwise, you will find it difficult to solve problems. Remember, a strong foundation will help you build a strong future.

If you find it difficult to solve problems and questions, opt for a refresher course to brush up on formulae, concepts, and theories that you were taught in the 9th and 10th standards. Everything you are studying and learning presently is based on what you were taught in school. So, do not think that what you studied at school holds no importance today. On the contrary, it is very important if you are looking to ace the JEE Main.

The Bottom Line

These study traps are the most common ones that candidates face when preparing for JEE Main exam. So, become aware of them and take measures to avoid these traps. If you like, you can get a professional to identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you can overcome the obstacles and be in a better position to prepare well for the JEE Main.