7 Things You Need To Check For Qualifying The PMI ACP Exam

The PMI or Project Management Institute has developed a set of benchmarks for recognizing project management professionals who are keen in using agile methodologies in their project, which is nothing but the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner. The IT professionals going for the PMI ACP Training are known to enjoy their own professional’s benefits in their career. If you are interested in qualifying this exam, you need to check the following 7 things to crack this exam. Have a look at these:

7 Things You Need To Check For Qualifying The PMI ACP Exam

1). Check the PMI – ACP Handbook

This handbook will give you a complete overview of this exam which include the procedures and policies. Checking the first two sections is really important once you have your PMI ACP Training to clear this exam. These include the exam eligibility requirements, methods of online application, and the exam blueprint and payment policy. You can download the handbook for free from the internet.

2). Check the Prep Time

The course content that is covered by the PMI ACP exam is very much comprehensive and extensive and is spread all across the reference material. Remember this is not just any other test wherein you can use your experience and pass the same. You need to plan the exam by spending at least 10 to 12 weeks of studying around 2-3 hours daily and then can think of passing this exam.

3). Plan Your Study and Schedule your Exam

Being a project manager you already know and understand the importance of planning and scheduling. Take your time to create the valuable skills and then create a study schedule of around 10 t0 12 weeks’ time frame, which fits well with your responsibilities. So, depending upon your current job and availability of time take time to go for the PMI ACP Training and prepare for the best for 10 to 12 week time frame.

4). Refer the PMI ACP Books

The PMI ACP books unlike any other PMP exams doesn’t have anything that comes in a written format. Rather you have a reference stuff available on the website of this institute. It is therefore recommended to buy the course stuff as per the listed ones on the website. You can even think of downloading the book from the PMI website.

5). Consider PMI ACP Training

Apart from finding out a number of study material on the web and in the market you can also enroll for any self-study program, which can be found in the form of PMI ACP Training program. You can even find the same online and offline formats consider the one which suits you the best.

6). The PMI Study Guide

You can find a number of study material, which can be useful for you. They will guide you everything about the exam allowing you to have a good informal Pmi acp training and thus making you come out in flying colors.

7). Solve the Exam Sample Questions

You can find a number of sample question sets easily available on the web. All you can do is to download the same and start solving them out.