MBA and Master’s Degree Courses

After the completion of our colleges, we just think of our one last step, and that is a degree of bachelors. But that is not the truth, because if he want to learn more about our specific field and interest, or if we need an instant promotion in our office. Then the next step is to study MBA and Master’s Degree Courses. There are several benefits of studying these courses, as they make you perfect in your specific field, and not just that they also allow you to do research at a higher level at anything according to your subject. If you are in Barcelona then here you will find many universities, but among all of them, GBSB is one of the best.

Course Details

Here you will find many opportunities to carry on your research, and not just that you will find a really friendly atmosphere with guidance from professors anytime. Mostly this degree completes in just 2 years with a maximum of 4 semesters. And in these degrees, there are at least 60 academic credit hours that you have to study throughout your course. And for every student, it is really necessary for them to complete these credit hours. In these credit hours you will be given lecture according to your course, and then you will also get time for the industrial training. And in the final semester, you have to submit your thesis plus your project. If there is some student who is capable enough to complete all of these things earlier than they can also complete their studies in a just academic year.


Here you will receive the degree is MSc, MA and MBA. In the MSc, you can study for Marketing Management, Finance, Entrepreneurship, International Business Management, Digital Business, and Operations and Supply Chain Management. While for the MBA we all know that you will get the degree of Business Administration which is clear by its name. Then finally comes the degrees in MA which are specified for the arts, and here you can study Communication and Future Marketing, Tourism and Hospital Management, Business Innovation, and Fashion and Luxury Business Management.