Technology Holds The Key To The Future Of Classroom Education

“If in 1970 you had knee surgery, you got a huge scar,” he says. “Now, if you have knee surgery you have two little dots.”

With modern technology making headway every day, by leaps and bounds, wonders of the 21st century such as printers, computers, flash drives and scanners, along with the rapidly evolving Internet technology (that comprises of online education and knowledge) have taken the concept of classroom education by storm. Take for instance any English medium school in Siliguri, education these days, is not just about imparting knowledge to students, but the spotlight is always on what are the advanced non-conventional methods used to achieve the objective. This is when technology comes into play.

The modus-operandi of elementary school education puts special emphasis in fleshing out a child’s cognitive, physical, emotional and sensory maturity, to enable its each and every student feel self-reliant and confident to communicate and socially interact with others.

Technology Holds The Key To The Future Of Classroom Education

Traditional classroom teachings, however, may not necessarily endow children with a learning environment filled with fun and kick up your heels. Thanks to technological advancements, educators approach various fun to learn environments to engage students and channel all their focus and energy into the matter at hand.

Reduced Teaching Expenses

Out-and-out systematic use of technology in the classroom takes off the weight of instructional operation costs in schools. Some of the best schools in Siliguri use modern technology in schools to trim down basic infrastructure cost that includes classrooms, library, and dormitories. A single teacher can teach multiple students at the same time, various online libraries of ebooks from a conglomerate allowing only members to access.

Thus, the need for traditional infrastructure (except installing a strong internet) is the only obligatory course of action. Such steep reduction in the expenditure sheet in contrast to the brick-and-mortar schools where tuition expenses have hit the roof is obviously appreciated.

Centrally Focused Education

In comparison to traditional methods of education in CBSE schools in Siliguri, where a learner is a passive recipient of the knowledge from the instructor, usage of up to snuff technology guarantees an active participation. A learner can learn at his/her own convenience and speed and the results are guaranteed.

Student Engagement Assured

Getting students engaged in classrooms is not a walk in the park. From obedient to undisciplined, the range of student varies. Hence, it becomes imperative to use interesting and modern ways to get the desired attention. Use of technology is the only open road that helps to reach the education destination. For instance, some of the best CBSE schools in Siliguri use cell phone technology to impart educational instruction to its students, and by far, this is welcomed with open arms.

Education then and education now still remains a poignant and a crucial aspect of human life. The only thing that has changed with time is the process. It is the era of modern technology that uses web-cams projectors and many more such tools to be at par with the ever-changing educational horoscope. Adapting to the change is the need of the hour.