A Mindset That Will Radically Improve Your Business

Everyone knows that it is vital to have a winning ‘law of attraction’ mindset to make a living as an entrepreneur online. We always need to improve our self-confidence to achieve our goals and this includes mindset, to attract customers, to move forward.

First, having the right mindset explains why it is important to be self-confident.

Then, how to eliminate lack of self-confidence.

A Mindset That Will Radically Improve Your Business

A Mindset That Will Radically Improve Your Business

Mindset: The most concrete way to gain self-confidence is to learn how to get out of our comfort zone, our anchored habits or mindset, by doing different things in our lives.

Obvious, maybe, but I will give you a simple and quick method to gain confidence for sure.

Before, you had to rely on the efforts and wisdom of a lifetime to do the right things and feel good. In this mindset guide, you will learn how to incorporate into your everyday habits the behaviors that will enable you to quickly reach your goal (attract more customers).

Why it is important to create the ideal mentality to attract customers

Doubting yourself prevents you from succeeding. Even if you have the assets to succeed, a lack of confidence will prevent you from doing the things necessary to achieve your goals.

Having confidence in yourself means that you do not doubt your personal worth or your ability to achieve your goals.

Also, you will be less disappointed or hurt if you are faced with failures or feeling rejected. Whether you are confronted with a professional failure, your confidence will allow you to recover quickly and move forward.

The reason why confident people have more success than others is not that they have a greater diploma or they have more skills in their field. The main reason for their success is that they are more likely to seize opportunities when they present themselves to them.

People who are too worried or overcome by their weaknesses are too focused on themselves to be fully receptive to the perspectives that are right in front of their noses!

In addition, people bet more easily on those who show confidence in themselves. Imagine two doctors with equivalent skills, to whom would you entrust your health: to the one who seems sure of himself or to the one who seems to have no confidence in his own judgment?

Learning to regain self-confidence for better results

When your pessimistic inner voice tells you things like, “You can not do it, you’re going to fail.” The first thing to do is to identify this thought, to recognize it as negative, not to reject it, but to acknowledge and accept that it serves no purpose. Do not assimilate your thoughts, take a step back.

Once you have recognized your negative thoughts (influenced by your emotional brain), think with your rational brain and ask yourself: ‘Why can not I realize this? I can do it! I have skills to make it happen, I have already succeeded in new or difficult things. There is no reason why I can not do it this time. “

It always seems astonishing at first, but it is counterproductive to chase away negative thoughts. Recognize them, and bring them the contradiction, and once the irrelevance of these negative thoughts is established, the final step is to replace them with positive thoughts deemed truer: “I can do this. I will succeed. “

Once again, it is not a question of repeating a positive message but of confronting negative thoughts, evaluating them, replacing them. At first, it will require an effort, active and resolute thought; then we will think of remembering this journey, and then gradually it becomes an automatic permutation until the negative drive disappears on its own and self-confidence returns.

For example, to stop thinking about a pink elephant, do not say “I do not want to think of a pink elephant!” But rather “I like this grey elephant.” It is exactly like with children: instead of say: “ ok, we stop the game”, it’s better to say: “ ok, let’s play this game”

Steps to create the ideal mentality

Everyone excels at something. And you surely have several areas for which you have special talents. That’s exactly why you are in this area.

Allow yourself to be proud of it! Our education did not prepare us to do this; on the contrary, we have been more prepared to self-flagellate ourselves for our imperfections.

Think that even at school (where you are supposed to develop skills and self-confidence with these skills), children and students are often taught the wrong way!

Let me explain: we do not count all the good things that add up to the achievements noted in a duty, no, we often start with a perfect theoretical score and we subtract points for all errors … What a good conditioning to undermine self-confidence.

Think about the things that keep you from moving forward. What makes you feel sad or inferior? Is this a traumatic experience? A relationship that has ended badly? A painful adolescence? Write these things on a sheet of paper.

Next, think about how you could leave these things behind you. What are the new beliefs about yourself that you could adopt? What new images of you would you like to develop? Write them down on a piece of paper.

You can also, make mental pictures of your dreams on which you will place images of yourself and your dream life, and you will also paint the shadow of all the things that pull you back.

You will then burn it symbolically to make your resolution to leave these representations, and display the dream picture in a place visible that will give you the opportunity to see it several times a day, and especially when you start your day.

People who lack self-confidence often sweep away compliments from the back; because they think that those who make them exaggerate or deserve no such praise.

The next time someone compliments you, accept it with good grace. Make it a habit to say “thank you” rather than “it’s nothing”, “I was lucky”, “I’m not much for it,” “That’s it …” … By force, you will learn to fully appreciate a compliment, and feel like it does good to self-confidence.

According to the facial feedback theory, your facial expressions stimulate your brain to record and amplify the emotions you manifest. If you want to feel happy and motivated for the day, consider watching yourself smile in front of the mirror. Generally think of smiling more often, to other people but also to yourself.

Think about doing gratitude exercises, thanking life for all the good things that you hold for obvious and who are still gifts of life. Cultivate this gratitude by smiling at yourself – physically – because something good happens to you, or because you think of something good, or even for nothing, just glad to be there, and even to be, to breathe.


What is certain is that if you want to be confident in yourself, you have to accept that no one is perfect and that means you do not need to be (assuming it is possible!). You certainly feel deficiencies, and your analysis is probably true, but it does not matter. What is certain, on the other hand, is that if you seek perfection, it is serious because you will always be dissatisfied with yourself and you will never have the self-confidence that you lack.

Get into the habit of talking to strangers every day. It can be someone at the coffee shop, in the queue at the bakery, someone you rarely meet at work, and so on. Say something simple, even banal: “Great this coffee! You can not find? »« You have beautiful shoes »or a remark about the weather, …

At the end of each day, take 10 minutes to complete your diary.

In particular, answer honestly to the following questions:

  • on a scale of 1 to 10, did I reach my goal today?
  • in which activities have I been most confident?
  • in which situations should I apply?

Then make a commitment to improving these last points.

Before you fall asleep, allow 10 minutes of your precious sleep time to visualize your goals. Represent your dreams run smoothly and achieve the expected results. Imagine how you will do it so that your dreams come true. Think about the different steps you will take to reach your goals.

And finally, feel how you will feel when you have achieved your dreams. Not only is it nice and effective to fall asleep than to soothe yourself with these thoughts, but you also condition your brain to project itself into your plan and view it as future and not as a hope.

I do not go into the details of the psychological justifications (there are precise studies on this) but contrary to what is often said, we must not only think about the realization of our dreams to motivate ourselves but well to things to do to achieve our dreams.

Most importantly, our brains record as natural the path to be taken in order to sweep away hesitations and resistances, and builds self-confidence.

You are ready to create the ideal mindset and mentality to attract customers to you!