Find Out How Digital Signage is Changing The Way Students Learn in Schools

Living in the 21st century without a generous slathering of technology in all aspects of our lives is almost impossible to imagine. An hour without the Wi-Fi sends us into a frenzy. Students of this generation are the most tech-savvy individuals in the world. Recent research shows that today’s students use iPads, iPhones, Android smartphones and PCs more than any other section of the population. The use of gadgets and technology increases as one goes into the higher levels of education. K-12 educational institutions, colleges, and universities are showing record-breaking usage of modern technology for daily lessons and research purposes.

Find Out How Digital Signage is Changing The Way Students Learn in Schools

Schools often shy away from employing the latest gadgets and technologies including digital signage. Here are some of the most prominent arguments against the same:

  • Digital signage is expensive.
  • They restrict learning.
  • The school does not have the network infrastructure to support it.
  • There are no engineers to maintain the displays.
  • Maintenance is labor-intensive and costly.

It is safe to say that with the adoption of digital displays in the mainstream, none of the above holds true anymore. Several public schools are replacing their traditional notice boards and regular morning assembly announcements with digital signage systems. The most prominent argument against these age-old beliefs is that the digital platforms are flexible. The same signage that can cast the latest updates about AP tests can also welcome the guest team to a basketball match on the school grounds. That is the beauty of out of home advertising. From regular announcements to special welcome messages, these display systems can support all kinds of messages with or without little modifications.

Digital signage for schools and colleges, serve many purposes, provided the authorities know how to make the most of them.

Brings a new era of easy learning

Digital signage can prepare the students irrespective of the learning styles. It is a new step in the world of multimedia learning. Teachers can upload the syllabi in the backend of the system and just play the presentations, movies or lectures in the classroom. Distributing notes and lesson plans becomes a lot easier with a centralized system of distribution.

New learning experience makes lessons interesting

Many CMS platforms like WordPress that are capable of supporting digital signage systems for classrooms and lecture halls come with app compatible frameworks. These applications can provide front-end access to the students to downloadable content including notes, diagrams, lectures and sample quizzes. Students can access these lessons from any part of the campus or even home.

Always reach out on time

The adoption of the latest digital technologies bridges the communication gap between the lecturers, teachers and their students. Several applications support the creation of discussion modules against the lessons. Students can post questions and answers, use the two-way platform for resolution of doubts and can exchange study material using the secure network without any distractions that the web usually provides. These devices teach the students how to use technology constructively and responsibly.

Training them for future professions

Most importantly, schools can display relevant training videos for music classes, dance classes, theatre clubs, sports groups and other extracurricular groups to help the students prepare for a future career. Each student comes with a unique talent, and the employment of digital displays can help the authorities reach out to these students more efficiently. It can help them nurture their hobbies and abilities by the use of video, animation and AV lessons during the special classes.

New medium of learning for better performances

Multiple schools use digital displays for much more than daily updates and announcements. Classes that engage digital signage as a method of lesson delivery show an increase of up to 17% in AP test scores. The new system has the power to engage all the students in a wholesome manner. Far away from the chalk-and-talk method, this unique all-immersive experience makes learning an exciting experience for all children.

Schools want to keep their students updated and aware

Several educational institutions even use these display signage systems to keep their children updated with RSS feeds, the latest new bits, weather reports, and local events. Anything the children can learn from is good enough material for the content. From book releases to research achievements, everything can become a topic of the digital display content, if you have the means to turn them into interesting viewing material.

It creates a complete journey for everyone

Most importantly, the digital route creates a cohesive experience for the authorities, teachers, students and parents alike. From emergency assemblies to fundraisers, from homecoming dance to PTAs, these digital signage systems can keep updating the target audiences about the latest oncoming event. All the authorities have to do is find the places the audience frequents most. Students are likely to notice updates in the hallways and the canteen. Parents are likely to notice the content in the drop-off zone and parking. Teachers are likely to see the same in the teacher’s lounges. Once you perfect the strategy, getting a high ROO is another signed deal that comes with the new-age digital display system.

You may still want to wonder if digital signage at your school is necessary right now, but you must remember that with each passing moment you are falling behind one school that is adopting the future of learning. It is the future of education and communication melded into one. Digital displays open windows of opportunity for your school, you have never imagined before. The years between now and 2023 will see the rise of digital signage and OOH advertising rise as a 35 billion dollar mega-empire. So better grab the opportunity while it is waiting at your door.