How To Use USB C Hubs With Laptops? Here’s What You Should Know!

By the way, one single USB-C Thunderbolt 3 port is sturdy enough on a laptop, but for some professionals, one is just not enough. Here we are with some cool ideas on adding more ports to the Apple’s smallest laptop.

When Apple unveiled its ultra-thin MacBook Pro, it caused a pretty big stir. Along with being gorgeous and slim, it came with a hefty price tag and only a single connection port. Mind it, a single connection port. The device might have been excellent in increasing the user interface and experience, but the single port thing is a massive setback for heavy users. Moreover, now, the other companies are doing the same to make a standardized platform for connection. Continue reading to get in-depth details about the best USB-C Hub for MacBook Pro.

How To Use USB C Hubs With Laptops? Here's What You Should Know!

With this in our mind, we come up with guides to help you increase your connectivity.

Limitations posed by a single port

The USB-C port on any laptop is quite flexible and capable in terms of accommodation, but if one is a multi-peripheral user, using several devices all at one time, it might start to slow down or malfunction. All its super-fast core and smooth functioning might not be able to compensate you for the limited port options. It is the primary limitation posed by the current model. Moreover, the port is not compatible with older devices present at your home, which furthermore limit your proceedings. Thus, here we are with two significant hacks to solve this problem.

The solutions:

  • Adding the ports to a cable or adapter
  • Adding the ports to a USB-C Hub

Adding the ports to a cable or adapter

Now, here is the deal, a cable or an adapter will not add a port as such, but this will certainly allow you to add up the traditional USB devices which are not compatible with the current laptop which has USB-C port. It is a basic hack as most of the older USB connectors are not at all compatible with USB-C aperture. Apple itself offers many such adapters and cables online, for example, USB-C to USB adapter, USB-C to Lightning Cable and the best among all, USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter.

Adding the ports to a USB-C Hub

Just after the release of uni-port laptops, many of the peripheral manufacturers quickly released a variety of adapters and hubs to expand the options for users. The hubs present a simple usage principle, you plug in the hub on your laptop port, and then plug other devices into the various ports on the hub, for example, iPhone, printer, microphone, webcam, external drives, and camera. Kudos to the fact nature of Thunderbolt 3 USB-C, the laptop can handle a large number of devices thus making the single port much more versatile.


The decision of designers to come up with only a single port might seem to you as absurd. However, no matter what they thought while doing so, there are always hacks to expand your usage parameters. Using these two hacks are not just economical, but with the more efficient single port, the use of hubs has increased both in quantity as well as quality.