Some Issues That Students Face These Days

Students face different problems in their school life. We can relate to some but not all. But as parents, guardian, or teachers we need to at least know all the issues that students may face, to be of best help and support to them. It’s not only these trivial struggles of completing pending homework and meeting an assignment deadline, there are issues of grave importance that they might be facing and are reluctant to tell you. Having the facility of being subscribed to one of the Mediacom Internet providers in every household, we all should stay well-aware and well-informed about all the current problems and issues that students might face. There are a number of interactive forums on the Internet where students share their problems, and you need to skim through them on regular basis.

Some Issues That Students Face These Days

It’s not just the education that should be your foremost interest when it comes to your children, but their well-being, safety, and personality-grooming are as quintessentially significant as any other thing. In this post, we will be discussing some of the most common problems that students are facing in schools and are sometimes not at the comfort level to share them with their parents and teachers. We highly emphasize on the need of having a very close connection with your kids and having a relationship that encourages them to share everything they experience or feel awkward about is the key to be the best help to your kids.

Here are some of the most prevalent problems:


Some Issues That Students Face These Days

Bullying is perhaps one of the most significant problems that are emerging as a major concern for students, parents, and teachers. And it is not a new one. Students from all age groups experience bullying in our country. And the worst part is the deep impact that bullying has on the confidence and learning aptitude of the students. Technology in the form of Internet and smartphones have further provided more avenues for bullying, through social media sites, texting, and many other virtual forums. Cyberbullying has become such a major concern that the affected victims tend to suffer from acute depression and some even end up committing suicides. The instigating factors could be many, from the color of skin to having a weird accent, to racial discrimination, being from a different faith, and the list goes on. If you regularly follow social networking forums, you get to witness actual footages of bullying in schools that are disturbing.

The problem is becoming so prevalent and critical that the number of suicides is linked directly to tracing bullying events, which is alarming. Th laws about bullying are still ambiguous, that adds to the Having a friendly and comfortable relationship with your children is so important to get to know if they are facing any such issue. The legal side of the affairs still needs to be clarified because vivid and clear laws about the said issue will help rectify the issue effectively, both by parents and teachers.


Some Issues That Students Face These Days

According to a report by Technorati in the last fall, 22 percent of the total children in the United States survive below or at the poverty level. According to American Graduate, the definition of poverty is explained as an income of $23,050 or lesser annually, with a minimum of four family members. The same source identifies that around 17 States of the United States, there is a majority of students in public schools that have low-income. The class gap between the upper and lower class is perpetually widening. This matter, however, should be resolved by the government and authorities, and students should be facilitated with some sort of scholarships or funding that doesn’t let their socioeconomic condition hinder their learning potential.

Coming from homes that are inadequate in terms of clothing, shelter, and other basic needs, the children may be subject to the risks of exposure to drugs, second-hand smoke, crimes, prostitution, at an early age. They also go through the frustrating struggles of medical coverage and quality food. They don’t even get to have proper sleep. And this is the frightening and frustrating reality of so many children in the United States.

Family Factors

Some Issues That Students Face These Days

There are a number of factors that play a key role in the learning aptitude and capability of students. Generally, teachers and trainers agree on the fact that conditions and circumstances at home largely influence and impacts a student’s capabilities and frame of mind. Domestic fights, violence, single parents, divorce, poverty and other such factors are actually the challenges that a student brings with himself to school. An understanding between families and teachers/administrators is essentially needed to sort this issue effectively.

Student Behaviours and Attitudes

Some Issues That Students Face These Days

Many school teachers and trainers have the brought forth the problems of student attitudes such as disrespectfulness towards them and apathy that they have to bear with by a massive number of students. The problems of tardiness, apathy, absenteeism, and disrespect are becoming critical challenges for both teachers and principals. Dealing with these problems is more of a challenge for teachers than the students, but then, the fellow students are also affected by these prevalent problems.

Student Health

Some Issues That Students Face These Days

In the United States, obesity is becoming one of the most major concerns and is reaching epidemic proportions. Fast food culture and poor eating habits have largely contributed in aggravating the problem of obesity and that in turn is affecting the general performance of the students. At such a young age, obesity increases the chances of critical and sometimes fatal health conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

To improve the lunchrooms in the schools, a national campaign Let’s Move has been introduced across the country, that has helped in opting for healthier eating options. Exercise programs should also be introduced to promote physical activities for students from all age groups.

However, more effective steps need to be taken to improve this critical health issue. Both teachers and students should take authentic help from the Internet by proper research in improving all the aforementioned conditions. Subscribe to one of the amazing Mediacom Bundles that are customized to fit connectivity needs of all sorts of users.