Ways To Make Your Student Loan Stretch As Far As Possible

Becoming a college student is an exciting time full of new adventures, new friends to meet, as well as living somewhere new with endless possibilities. However, the not so fun part is when students find themselves in financial difficulty. When receiving your student loan, it is important to know all the tips and tricks to avoid unnecessary spending and to be savvy with your money. Here are just a few ways to make your student loan stretch as far as possible.

Ways To Make Your Student Loan Stretch As Far As Possible

Grocery Shopping

When you get your student loan, it can feel like an endless pit of money and all you want to do is go out and shop till you drop but taking some simple steps, such as using cheaper grocery stores, can result in a huge difference in price. It’s also wise to make a shopping list to help keep you on track (avoiding any impulse purchases). Also, as tempting as they are, try to cut down on the number of takeaways and dining out you do as they can eat up your money faster than you can! Another tip is to check out the reduced sections, which are usually full of foods at a cheaper price, which you could take home to freeze.

Know When to Say No

Once you have started your student life, it can feel as though you are being pulled in every direction on what to do, where to go, and what groups to join. Many colleges have membership programs for a wide variety of societies such as sports, education, and volunteering. The good news is that many of these offer free inductions and they are a great way to make new friends, so be sure to try out as many as possible before committing long-term, as depending on what you choose, the financial side of it may vary.

Student Discounts

A great part about being a student is all the benefits it can bring, such as student discount. Many of the big companies offer special promotions to lure students in with reductions on necessities such as clothing, food, and electrical items such as laptops and tablets. However, you will need to have a student ID to make the most of what is on offer and be sure to read the small print to know exactly what you are getting.

Finding a Bargain

Whilst student discounts may be appealing, you may not find everything you need. Many courses require you to purchase a variety of textbooks and reading materials which combined can be costly. Many students before you will have studied the same course and may put their second-hand books up for sale on websites such as zoomthelist.com. The website gives you the ability to search for the materials you need in your specific state via Craigslist. It is important to do your research, as many of the same product may be listed with different prices.

With so many deals around aimed at students, you are more than likely to find something suitable, not only for you but also your bank balance. Remember to shop around, be aware of what is on offer, and most importantly, enjoy your college experience.