Shade Sails Home And Garden Equipment

Home and garden equipment as a whole is a world apart. There are all these recent times and the most popular objects are not necessarily those connected to the connected home as one might think with this digital emergence that we see.

There are of course furniture from home appliances, decorative objects of lighting, through household linens, and especially garden furnishing … However, there is a great craze for products safe and protective for a home with the example of home wireless alarms that grow in strength … SAFETY AND PROTECTION BEFORE EVERYTHING will you tell me …!

The indoor and outdoor decoration market is a world that is constantly evolving, each year is rich in novelties for the home and garden furniture market.

Indoor and outdoor landscaping: A moving market

The Institute for Studies and Promotion of Furniture also called Idea positions the development of the house and garden as the favorite pastime of the French, and the second item of expenditure after food expenses.

It is a fairly disparate market and subject to drastic rules.

The home improvement market fluctuates at the expense of households, in contrast to the food market, which remains a priority. Changing your sofa or other decorative object does not benefit from this urgency … This instability is reinforced especially like the stability of the real estate market impacts positively or negatively that of the home and garden design.

And this rule applies globally because who has not changed decoration during a development in new premises? Everyone of course…

Unfortunately today, the crisis has changed the situation somewhat and the French, worried about the future or just too financially to buy bigger, have largely compensated by giving a new lease of life to their exterior, which is an extension to a new home. Too small.

This trend has largely benefited DIY superstores as we suspect, but not only. In 2009, for example, the DIY / wall, floor and tiling segments recorded a record increase of + 12%. The markets for small household appliances, carpets, and television/video, for their part, rose by + 3%, while decorative objects by + 0.5%. Some sectors have had a drop such as the pool, (- 10%), bathroom equipment (-8%), upholstered furniture (-6%)…

The shade sail, a way to enhance your real estate capital

The exterior layout in a few figures:

Southern shade sail 220

3 French out of 4 have a garden or terrace

The terrace or the garden offers a real added value to your property.

In terms of budgets the development of garden or terrace, it is 235 € of annual expenses is 6.1 billion in 2008.

M hole trends in garden equipment and home are hard to decipher, there is some willingness to mix contemporary, modernity and tradition.

The furniture is no longer perceived as a heritage value, it is replaced according to the desires of each other and at will.

Today we want to have an exterior and an interior in our image and tailor-made.

The garden furniture market has jumped 25% in the last 10 years, in addition to all the maintenance costs of its garden.

The trend is an extension of that of previous years, our terrace or garden has become a real living space to the point that the interior furniture is inspired by the design and originality of the decorative objects of the garden.

Embellish your exterior has become a necessity and a wide variety of products exist to decorate but also protect us from the vagaries of the weather. Each need is a solution and it is not the choice that is lacking in this area.

Garden shelters now occupy a significant place in terms of garden design.

And it is clear that for the outdoor decoration trends of recent years, the shade sails offer the best compromise in terms of design, originality and tailor-made.

Indeed the shade sail, in addition to a maximum sun protection, offers infinite possibilities. The shading sail packs allow atypical and original configurations an excellent way to shelter, whether the surface is large or small.

With a very aesthetic appearance, the shading sails will protect you from UV rays and rain and openwork shade sails will be ideal for windy environments. You can use this guide for more details.

Many models of shade sails and installation accessories and strong and resistant masts exist to adapt to any type of environment (windy, rainy, cyclonic  …), to your exterior and interior decoration as well as at the size of the space to be shaded.

Not to mention that it is also possible to make your own tailor-made and perfectly personalized sail.