What Jobs Can I Get from A Biology Degree?

If you are thinking of doing a degree in science, a biology degree is a great route to go down if you enjoy spending time in the labs. This is a fundamental degree subject for anyone wanting to work in the health or science sectors and can get you many important jobs assisting the public. Below are some of the jobs that a degree in biology could get you.

What Jobs Can I Get from A Biology Degree?


If you want to join the healthcare sector but you do not want to be on the front lines as a nurse or a doctor, a pharmacologist is the next best step. Pharmacologists help patients from behind the scenes and are vital in discovering the latest medicines and making new and better medicines that cause less side effects. There are many extensions of this career including neuropharmacology, which handles drugs that affect the cells in our nervous system, or veterinary pharmacology which is the study of medicines that are used for animals. Whether you want to help animals or people, the research you do can be vital to making lives better.

Marine Biologist

If you are worried about global warming and you want to help the marine life to survive, becoming a marine biologist may be something you are interested in. There are many aspects of this job depending on whether you prefer laboratory work, or you’d like to get hands-on with marine life. Marine biologists examine how marine life is changing and is affected by humans and the changing environment. A marine biologist will try to stop these effects to ensure the survival of all marine life, including animals and plants. To become a marine biologist, work experience either paid or voluntary is essential.

School Teacher

If you want to go into teaching a subject that you love, biology is an interesting subject to teach to children and young adults. This includes both animal and plant biology and laboratory experiments. Becoming a teacher is a rewarding career and if you love working with children, it could be the perfect career path for you. If you’d prefer to work with adults, there is always the opportunity to become a lecturer and teach the degree that you studied. Check out Biologyjunction.Com for an idea of the biology lessons that you could be teaching.


If you belong in the laboratory, becoming a microbiologist is a way to make a real difference to people’s lives, doing what you enjoy the most. Microbiologists work in the laboratories to look at new ways to fight diseases and new vaccinations to ensure immunity for people all over the world. You may work in testing foods to make sure they are safe for human consumption or you may want to help in the development of new greener technologies to make the world a greener place.

A degree in biology can open doors to some amazing careers that really can change peoples’ lives for the better. If you are interested in the animal and conservation side of biology, a biology degree and voluntary work can get you where you want to be.