5 Fashion Mistakes That Every Student Should Avoid

Modern, trendy, fashionable and more are the tags we want to be labeled with. I remember during my college days I made every attempt to be up to date with the trends and market fashion, whether it be in terms of dress, makeup, and jewelry. I also added some fashion sense to my peers, and the same is the situation here. The college students today totally lack the fashion sense, they so overdo it that they end up being the joke of the class. But no worries, if you have a similar situation or tired of spending thousands on your clothes, then the follow the listed thing, to save you from the fashion blunders.

5 Fashion Mistakes That Every Student Should Avoid

  • Size of the clothes

Fitting is what would be an appropriate term to define it. Students either buy clothes doubles their size which makes them appear like a beanbag and sometimes smaller than their body structuring to look fit and smart, which exhibits a picture of a pack of biscuits ready to explode. If you have this tendency than please stop. The reason either you are conscious of your body or want to fit in the smart standardized size of the world. You can still rock your body in your standard size clothes, no need to look like Lady Gaga or Angelina Jolie they are just too mainstream.

  • Accessories

Boys with those leather bands and girls with their Forever 21 statement necklace are always able to make a fashion point. If you are denying this fact, then my friend you are delusional. Adding some pieces of accessories to your clothing makes you look trendy but overdoing it will make you look like Jack Sparrow in the movie “Pirates of Carribean”. We love him but doing the same in college will surely not make you loved nor fashionable but instead an unkempt individual with flashy and fancy jewelry. Adopt a minimalistic approach; add few but attractive and trendy pieces to make other drool upon your look.

  • Body type

Not all fashion is for everybody. I can bet 90% of the population will fail to carry the body waist jumpsuit because it’s not made for their body. College is the days we crave for fun, dressing up funky may get you the attention and some entertainment some days but don’t make it a habit. Instead, shop for those clothes in which you feel comfortable, and content. Tight fitting, expose backs, and short jeans are sure to make you uncomfortable. Therefore, a turnaround from that aisle and walk in those where you feel comfortable. Make sure to consider the patterns and colors of the clothes before investing it in.

  • Goodbye to Standard clothes

Colleges are the days where we want to stand out from the crowd. Are you one of those individuals who have his closet full of grays and black, then my friend you are missing out something worth indulging in. Replace those with vibrant colors and remarkable prints. Say goodbye to your boring style with cheetah prints and floral maxis. Remember you only live once, better make it exciting and worth. Buy clothes you never thought of buying gradually, which you admire. You will be surprised by the response which awaits you.

  • Skip the fakes

One major blunder made by students in the investment in fake brands. Ingrain this thing into your mind that you are college students, not a multi-millionaire, nobody is going to judge you. Therefore, stop investing in counterfeit clothes online, they instead of enhancing your look, dull your impression. Keep your online shopping limited to buying essay writing service and not fake branded clothes. Since all these looks are available locally, go for those, and carry them with a hotshot attitude, to flaunt it.

Watch out for these 5 fashion blunders and you are sure to thank me later. Keep tabs on this space for more to get more insights on how to make your fashion sense remarkable.