5 Experts: Should Mobile Phones Be Banned In Schools?

We all are aware of the wonders the technology is doing in the world. No matter what field it is, technology integration is growing exponentially. Currently, some of the academic institutions are guiding their students by incorporating tablets and smartphones into their leaning venture. Though, many schools are not favoring this idea and impose restrictions on using such gadgets on the institute’s premises. Obviously, such a ban is disturbing students and distracting their focus. Take a look at the opinions of experts on the matter either banning cell phones is good or not:

5 Experts: Should Mobile Phones Be Banned In Schools?

Expert’s Stance

  • Matthew Kearney

A teacher educator, Matthew Kearney doesn’t stand with the idea of banning mobile phones in school. According to him, the ban on mobile phones won’t stop students to learn from it. He highlighted the fundamental uses of mobile phones in schools that reflect zero downsides. Here are some basic reasons in favor of using the smartphone in school as suggested by Mathew. Using smart application on cell phones is idyllic when students require collecting data, exploring topics on their own, having an instant response, or communicating with their fellows. He also argued that the use of smartphones in a learning environment gives the student the comfort of their choice which eases the complexities of education.

  • Damian Maher

Being an ICT teacher, Damian Maher also argued against the ban on smartphones. He stands with the notion that learning via digital medium has a vital impact on the learning process of students. Studies have also signified the role of smartphones in assisting learners. No doubt, mobile phones are serving several imperative functions. He suggested students learn with the help of mobile phone so that they can build their effectual contribution to the practical world. In spite of all the discussion, safety is the basic priority. Using phone can assure this by creating a connection between students and their parents. Researchers revealed that most of the parents have also favored for smartphones usage. Instructors have vital responsibility to educate students to be safe online. Not limited to safety only, but health is also managed by the using cell phones. Using health application can help students to monitor their condition in the classes as well. At one of the cheap essay writing service site, he asks to find supportive ways for using smartphones in schools instead of suggesting bans.

  • Joanne Orlando

From the field of technology and learning, Joanne Orlando also opposed the thought of banning smartphones in classes. Living parallel to the world where students are growing up is critical to teach children. What’s the better education than teaching students about integrating technology in a learning environment? Definitely, it allows students to think out of the box and come up with exceptional ideas about their projects and homework. Research of Joanne reflects that technology incorporation opens the door to new skills sets for the students and empowers them. Employers are hunting for extraordinary talent, and copying work from blackboard is absolutely not a talent. Banning may cause students’ outburst or they might use it secretly which will raise certain new issues such as cyberbullying, making the issue exacerbate.

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  • Susan Sawyer

Susan is a pediatrician who denies the concept of banning mobile phones for students. She believes that phones are now omnipresent for students but she also suggested schools to formulate some policies for using the smartphone in school premises. Students can avail of therapeutic interventions via smartphones while in the school as well. Most of the students want telephonic support rather than facing trained professionals.

  • Danielle Einstein

One out of five chosen experts stands with the suggestion of banning smartphone at school. Being a psychologist, he argued that mobile phones are wiping out the real communication. The smartphone is the root cause of distracting students from studies. Necessity is the mother of creation but Danielle claimed that students are getting addicted to it rather than just using for the right use. True I guess since the smartphone is making students dependable and shrinking their capacity for learning things. He relates the students’ current dilemmas of nervousness and despair with the mobile phones.

Considering the outlooks of these five experts, it is obvious that experts are suggesting the use of smartphones in the classroom rather than favoring to ban it. Keeping the stance of experts in view, the whole discussion can be concluded at the point that smartphones are preparing the students for the upcoming future and it is not a good idea to ban it.