5 Tools that will be handy when planning to study abroad

There are few among young adults who do not aspire to get quality higher education. Very often the best of such educational opportunities are to be found in other countries. Even if you are lucky to have reputed colleges and universities in your own country, the exposure to other cultures and more lucrative working conditions in foreign lands usually make for attractive reasons to study abroad. At the same time, the extent paperwork and planning involved, not to mention financial outlay is often enough to douse the most ardent of overseas aspirations. In such cases technology can come to your help in more ways than one. So here are 5 tools that will be handy when planning to study abroad.

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Essay writing tools

No foreign university worth its reputation will allow students to enrol without the necessary admission qualifications. And most often the hardest among them is the admission essay. Though some colleges will give an essay topic or format though most colleges will leave it to you. The fundamental point is not to simply give a life-story to your reader – rather to sift through your experiences for the most relevant and valuable achievements and then use  them to support or illustrate your central theme or the basic point that you are making in the essay. As if this was not difficult enough, your essay is also required to be completely original, polished clean of all technical errors and submitted well in time. If you find all this too stressful, look for tools like thanks for the help and topassignmentexperts which offer a wide suite of professional level services ranging from delivering a 100% original essay to proof-reading and editing services. Online Assignment Writing is a popular option for many students to get their college admission essays written in time while OAW is a specialist in the area of scholarship winning essays.

Editing tools

Then again writing an essay is only half the work done. You may be proud of your subject knowledge or possess a flair for writing. But if your essay is peppered with spelling and grammatical errors then you can be assured of leaving a negative impression on college admission officials. For this reason it is essential that you edit your admission essay very closely. Fortunately with a variety of editing tools available – free as well as paid – your paper is sure to be ready in no time. The most widely used writing softwares these days already come equipped with the basic editing tools like Spell Check point out spelling mistakes even as you write. Another is Word Count which keeps track in real time of the number of words, pages or even characters you have typed out.  If you are not too confident of your grammatical skills, take help of numerous online tools like Essay Experts and Professional Assignment Experts of OAW which will edit or proofread your essay for a fee.

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Expenses calculator

Once you are made through the admission process, it is time to do some number crunching. Unless your home country currency enjoys a high exchange rate, studying abroad is usually a highly expensive proposition. You are not only required to pay massive college tuition fees but boarding and lodging expenses can rack up to a worrisome total. Then there is medical insurance without which you could incur exorbitant medical bills in case of ill-health. Even if you are staying on campus you will have set aside a travel outlay in your budget. Finally what is point of studying abroad if you cannot enjoy life a little – which will again involve recreational and socializing expenses. If you are an accounting whiz, you can juggle all these numbers yourself but if you need some help, make use of expenses calculators like cost of living calculator in Australia by TFTH. Since the data is sourced directly from students actually living and studying in the cities where you plan to go, you are likely to get real-time estimates of monthly living expenses. These tools are extremely easy to use – you just need to click on lifestyle details like the name of the city, type of accommodation, members in a family etc – and best of all, free.

Message Boards

Then again not all information can be reduced to numbers. It is here that tools like TFTH’s online message boards for students come in handy. These offer useful information about student resources ranging from food and accommodation to part-time work opportunities and commuting information. Also as an international student you would find such online forums quite valuable for tips on adjusting to the mainstream culture including socializing inside and outside college. Far from home, you will need all the help you can get to know more about course expectations and co-curricular club options so that you are not only able to give your best academically but also cope with the social life of the college

Travel apps

Finally, zero in on tools like travel apps before you leave for your foreign destination. During your college years abroad, you are sure to do a good amount of travelling – not only back and forth your home country but also perhaps a bit of sight-seeing around the country where you are studying. It would make much more sense to use online travel tools to plan your flights rather than hire expensive travel agents or browse the internet every time you want to book a flight. Besides making Travel bookings easier, such apps will also keep you updated with healthy upcoming promotional offers as well as lean seasons when you can book flights at substantial discounts. Then again loyalty points on such travel tools can also come in handy in case you wish you fly your family members from home or leave on a vacation with a partner.

Gone are the times when studying abroad meant students piled with the stress of a tough curriculum as well as adjustment issues. Today with handy online tools you can ease the transition to a great deal. So go through the above tools and get ready to fly abroad for your higher studies – bon Voyage and Bonne Chance!

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