Brook Jones’s book on Project Management

Do you want to unravel the secrets of Project Management? Are you a project manager who wants to enhance your learning in this subject? Do you want to know how you can deal with the different challenges thrown your way while working as a project manager?

If your answer is yes, then you should give Brook Jones’s book on Project Management a read. Her book is like the bible for project managers and students.


I had started working straight out of high school, doing various jobs at different positions with no clue as to what path I wanted to pursue. However, I knew that sooner or later I needed to acquire a college degree if I wanted to do well in the competitive market we have today. I enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree but as yet I wasn’t sure what I wanted my major to be, so I read and reread any and all information I could find on the subjects being offered at my university. Then one day, I came across Brook Jones’s book on Project Management and it led me to develop a keen interest in the subject. Everything that was explained in the book, the work, challenges and successfully concluding a project made me realize that Project Management was something I could pursue, and before I knew it, I had picked Project Management as my major.


Not only did this book get me hooked to Project Management, but it also helped me a lot with my studies. It had everything related to Project Management. The best part about this book is the way it is written, which has made it very easy to understand complex concepts and theories. Moreover, it is a complete guide to Project Management, which is not only meant for students but also professionals who want to polish their knowledge in the subject. This book has stayed with me for years now and still is as relevant as it was during my student life. Even now, when I am working as a Project Manager at a reputed firm, with years of experience under my belt, this book is still my go-to solution when I am stuck in any work dilemma. The book discusses the challenges that a project manager might have to face during the span of their career and how they can efficiently handle them.


Brook Jones’s book on Project Management is something that every student and professional should explore. It explains how you can smoothly complete a project, which after all is the aim of all Project Managers. The book helped me a lot, and hopefully it will do the same for you.